Usually a licensing error. I’d reinstall, reauthorize, and if you still have problems contact turbosquid.


As it didn’t happen on my old P4,
I thought it could be a multiproc eror or something.


As it didn’t happen on my old P4,
I thought it could be a multiproc eror or something.


are you getting jerky frames on just that machine or are you actually net rendering?
if its on that machine - are you using ab 3? like 3.2c ? I know one of the versions of AB has some bugs that cause that, I’ve never seen it in 4.0.
try adjusting the motion drag in ab down to like .5 or something. I know I had this issue like back in 1999/2000 where it was jumping around (in like ab1) and out of desperation I adjusted the motion drag value and it seemed to help a bit.
but as a sure thing, I would make sure you have the latest version of AB

nice on the quad core, I just got a dual quad core/8gb ram - which works wonders for fume fx!


This is a photo from the India moon mission launch:

I mean… Gosh… look at that pillar of smoke. If it was posted here as 3D, I’d say it needed a lot more work.

What is it with moon missions and fake images?? :slight_smile:

  • Jonas


You did choose the worst one of the bunch after all. :slight_smile:

You haven’t touched it at all? It does look exceptionally fake compared to the other images I’ve seen from the launch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the one used in my local papers:


Yeah I’ve noticed that too. Lots of photos, if they were 3D art, would be not too good 3D art :smiley: Or is AB just better then we think?! :smiley:


AAAHHHH…I hate you. Not really but man I gotta building a new machine in 09 and thats what I want. Fume demands it.


G’day mate,

It’s on the one machine, i did a reinstall and the scene seems to render fine, :slight_smile:
I’ll have a play with that next time i get a chance.
The Quad core has made a huge difference, stuff that was taking 10mins to do is happening at under 1 minute now,
which now means I can add more and more and more.

I’m jealous, a dual quadcore :slight_smile: that must have cost a heap
I got a quote from our tech guy here and it was very very pricey
what did yours cost for MB and Chips alone?

Back to the kitchen, I smell something burning.


I was considering a dual quad myself, but ended up going for a small farm instead.

The setup I was looking at was a dual quad xeon, 8gb Dell preciscion work station. And the price was “only” about $2000, including a quadro something something, 64-bit vista etc. etc… Not horribly pricey, but considering that the x58 chipset and intel Core i7 cpu’s are fast approching I’m not going to upgrade my work station at the moment.


What is the most realistic shader to use in AB? I’ve heard someone say it was Rayleigh scattering because of how atmospherics in real life scatter light. Does anyone know?


they’re all the same they just treat scattering differently
I dont have AB with me, but basically releigh scatters nicely, uhh the one on the left is a bit more kind of additive, and essentially light just reacts a bit differently, its not really which is better or more real, but how the light reacts inside of the volume itself.


I need some help. :slight_smile:

  I want to composite my Afterburn explosion in After Effects, but no matter how I try to render it out of 3ds max and put it back togheter in AFX it ends up looking nothing like what I had in 3ds max. 
  Here's the effect in 3ds max:

My scene is 1 light with shadow and 2 fill lights without shadows, 1 background image set as the enviroment and a ground plane with a matte shadow (apply atmosphere at object depth, recieve shadows), 1 afterburn effect and a particle system.

  I am able to composite properly if I render it out in multiple renders with shadows turned off, with shadows on, with background on etc, but I want to be able to do it in one go using the render elements.

Only I don’t understand how they work. :stuck_out_tongue: I tried lighting, shadows, diffuse, atmospherics and a couple more. Even when I told the diffuse not to have lighting it still had shadows, when I told the lighting not to have shadows it still had shadows.

What I want is the effect by itself so I can apply glows etc., the shadow by itself so I can soften it, reduce the opacity etc… And that’s pretty much it, yet I am unable to do it with the render elements.

Are there any tutorials out there on compositing in AFX from 3ds max or on compositing volumetric effects? Or can anyone here give me some pointers?

  Also, I have another problem with this same effect. It's very visible in the alpha here:

It looks almost like someone’s been eating chucks out of my explosion. It’s not very visible in the animation so I’m not very bothered with it, but I have no idea what it is.


One more thing. I have an omni lighting the ground in the initial explosion, but that doesn’t show up in the matte/shadow. How do I get my light from 3ds max to AFX so I can apply it to a background image in AFX?



Here’s a quick animation test of the explosion.

I see right away that the particles need less gravity and that the afterburn shaders needs some tweaking, but overall it’s not that bad. :slight_smile:

Also, for some weird reason if I turn down the density of my afterburn effect the density of the shadows increase. This is the sort of thing I can fix when I’m able to composite the effect properly. For this test it’s just effect rendered on a matte/shadow then put ontop of a background image.


Are you using a good step size on your shader and shadows? I try to use at least a step size of 1.0, but something like 0.7 is even better.

I don’t know if this is your problem, but it’s something to look at.


The step size is 0,5 for the shader and 0,3 for the shadows I think.

But it renders extremely quick compared to other effects I’ve done with Afterburn with such a low step size, and it looks a little rough as well. Not sure what’s going on. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it’s the step size though. I usually increase the step size to 2-3 or even 4+ depending on the distance from camera and type of effect I want, and I haven’t seen this before.


Hey guys, I posted a tutorial on getting tp data to drive AB curves using TP 3 and Afterburn 4.

Hey twiik that is a really cool animation you got going their man. I think it fades out a lil too quick. But I dig what your doing here man.

Hopefully I understand your question, when I need to comp multiple atmospheric mattes together I kind of fake it. I render them with a red and green light. Red = key, green = fill, and then use a channel Boolean set to maximum. Then I pull keys and then relight my atmospherics in the comp.


Can somebody please tell me how you can do a nightcrawler “bamf” smoke effect with afterburn… because i just cant do it… SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!


The red, green “trick” sounds really clever and I’ve seen it done a lot of places so I may test it out myself.

The smoke dissipates quickly because I wanted to fit it in my 150 frames of animation. :slight_smile: It’ll look a lot better the next time I post it.


fiftypercent- wanna give us some refrence?

TwiiK- cool dude, looking forward to it