Hello TwiiK,
really good shot.
But plese tell me - Is it the animation, or just a single frame ?
If it is the animation, post here the .avi file (or .mov) just a few frames, please.
It is very interesting for me to see how the animation of the nuke looks like.

thank you TwiiK.


Well of course it’s an animation. :slight_smile:

But work has been taking up all my time lately so I haven’t been able to do any more with the nuke. I didn’t render out an animation because I was most interested in how the shaders looked.

I’ll see if I can set it to render out the animation overnight or while I’m at work so you can see. I’m in the process of moving to 64-bit and as well as a renderfarm so when I have that done I can churn out renders like never before. :smiley:


Has anyone seen an update, or a bug fix, or just some sort of work-around for the bug in the octane shader. I’ve tried disabling the view of all sorts of elements in max to maybe remove the tiny dots in the render, nothing helped.

Would really like to use the octane shader,
Rendering with hightransparentsee will take hours, and rendering afterburn in layers never gives me a clean look, it than looks like layerd afterburn stuff in the end.

So any tips?



thanks SoLiTuDe,
very usefull link


I haven’t got any tips, but an update to Afterburn 4 with fixed Octane shader as well as a tabbed interface would be most welcome. :slight_smile:

Afterburn 4 has been out for a long time so this should be fixed by now, and the tabbed interface should have been there a long time ago in my opinion.

All the scrolling is taking it’s toll on my hand as well as my mouse.


Yeah that is a really nice looking nuke dude, i too would like to see an animation. going 64 is a dream of mine also. soon maybe.


Animation is rendering out as we speak.

I have no idea how it will look however as I just set it to render. I haven’t got the time to fiddle with it and do test renders at the moment. :slight_smile:

Maybe this weekend I’ll have some more time.


i have afterburn 4.
i am readint this tutorial now.

but i cant find volume rendering. step 7 .
-step size


It is a little different :wink:


thanks. i was actually using those settigns like in hte tutorial because it made sense tha tthey cahnged something.

but i got different results like in the tutorial. i guess i am doing something wrong.

my clouds are to much like do i make them more blury and 50% opacity?



Hello, ice-boy.

The AB settings is depends of the scene scale. So i suppose your scale settings is differenet from the tutorial file.

the first coming in mind is to decrease the Noise Size parameter to “destroy” the sphere-like shells by size of the noise pattern.

Also you can change the Density parameter to control the opacity of the volumetric puffs.

The quantity of particle is important too. You do not need many particle to create the clouds.

Don’t forget to set up the shadows - it will bring the additional
volume for clouds.


thank you i will try.


I need some help:

Yesterday, after rendering for 48 hours straight, my animation was done. However when I loaded it up in After Effects I could clearly see that starting from frame 461 (of 600) every third frame was borked.

I have 5 sticky particles and 1 particle flow, with 1 afterburn for each in my scene. Every third frame starting from frame 461 the particle flow Afterburn would not render at all. So it would be there in all it’s glory frame 462,463, then gone 464, visible again 465,466, gone 467 etc.

This was my first render with a renderfarm and I’m guessing that has something to do with it, but I have no idea what. :slight_smile:

My renderfarm is at the moment just an old P4 2,5ghz, 1gb ram and an AMD 64 2ghz, 1gb ram. When I’m at work I also start the backburner server app on my workstation which is a 2,4ghz quad core, 2gb ram.

I’ve looked at the backburner logs and there’s no errors related to those frames and all the computers have rendered both good frames and borked frames so I can’t blame it all on one computer either.

The render wasn’t memory intensive and from what I could see the servers spiked at about 500mb used ram.

Would be awesome if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any idea what’s going on. :slight_smile:

I’m rendering out the 50 or so borked frames again using only my work station at the moment to see how that goes.


Bah, the nuke animation has tons of glitches and the end results wasn’t even that good. :slight_smile:

 Posting it anyways for anyone interested:

Straight from max:

Slightly tweaked:

Normally I wouldn’t show anyone something which has flaws I know how to fix and this has plenty, but I have some errors in there I would like some help with.

For instance:

  • Like I said, the first time I rendered it 50 or so frames (every third from 461) rendered without 1 of the afterburn systems.
  • I rendered those 50 frames again, but apparently they are now out of sync or something with the original footage and look very bad.

I need help in figuring why these two things happened. :slight_smile:

Also there’s a lot of frames in there where some kind of popping occours.

Is all this related to this animation being rendered across 3 computers and is this something I can expect in the future?


its looking good, I’m ignoring the glitches, thats what happens i guess!

the central stem looks great
good work


hmm what processors are they? and what version of afterburn
there are known bugs if the machine is intel vs amd because it reads teh floating point differently (I believe?) so the seeds are different. If this is the case if you know one box is totally different to the others, you’re best off rendering maybe the thick smoke on the two identical boxes and maybe a light dust pass on the other box by itself, distribute them in a manor that there wont be popping because they’re not all sharing the same work.

I noticed back in like 2000 that motion drag sometimes if lowered helped stop popping a little bit if stuff ever hovered, but its always a long shot.

Anyway let me know your machine specs that might clarify a few things


You seem to be right on the money, Allan. :slight_smile:

Server 1: Amd 64 2ghz, 1gb ram
Server 2: P4 2,5ghz, 1gb ram
Work station: Q6600 2,4ghz, 2gb ram

The reason I was itching to figure this out was that my boss has decided to give me a bonus for working my ass off these last weeks, which will either be 3 new servers for my farm or a new work station.

The 3 new servers would be identical and I would throw the old ones out so I guess it’s likely I won’t have this problem then. :slight_smile: I will also switch to 64-bit OS at that time if that makes any difference.

I would choose the work station if network rendering proved too much of a hassle, but I guess I’ll take my chances. :stuck_out_tongue:


Duh, my Afterburn version is 4.0.


personally I would go render equipment. the more boxes you have, the less time you’re waiting to see rendered results, you can submit stuff to the farm, try different things and not have to wait over night to see the results.
I had 10 node render farm for myself at home at one point, it meant I was able to try different things and get complex changes turned around very quickly, rather than “geez another coffee break” scenario every 20 mins

personally I’d ask for a few months off vacation as a bonus, go to jamaica and get drunk for a few weeks, that would be a nice bonus : )


G’day all,
I have just built up a new Quad Core machine but when i render out anything which has Pflow and AB, I end up getting jerky frames it’s like there’s camera shake going on.

any ideas on whats happening?

also has some body got some kind of test file for a speed rendering test i can use?

thanks in advance