I didn’t mean not to go to 0 of density. it was more like an explanation…
I have no problems with max9 and AB. never crashed.
only when rendering in 64bit version with GI in FR.

If you could send a file…without objects and stuff, I’d have a look at it if you like.


this is my scene when render with fr ,my max will crash,crash,…


and when I pick the button down ,the max will crash later!


i can confirm serveral max crashes with the preview window in the afterburn menu in max 2008-64.i just ended up not using it :smiley: i rendered crops for visual feedback…


Ive had this crash as well, it sucks dude


I want to know afterburn vs pyrocluster which is better ,faster?I want to know you render afterburn with fr, scanle or vr?how much the longest render time for afterburn did you use?


the first thing that pops into my eye is that you have an afterburn render and a fusionworks renderer in the environment tab. afterburn renderer was before version 4. so there might be the problem. check your ysytem fro proper installation. there was the same problem allready posted somewhere. try the sitni sati forum.


Thanks ,I will try.


ok…I played a bit around with it.
in my experience the explosion deamon renders always slower. but that does not mean you should not use it. just keep it in mind :wink:
I don’t understand why you aren’t using the AB shadowmap.
your noise bias was set to 0.1. I setted it back to 0.5 just out of curiosity, and dadaa…rendered superfast :slight_smile:

I also tried to uncheck atmospheric shadows in your lights, and that speeded it up again. of course it’s against the logic…but in some cases you don’t need the spuer detailed shadowing.

oh…btw…I had no crash at all.


I had the same problem. I’m not using AB nowadays actually but wondering if there is still any problem!

Preview window, rendering crashes are all the same. I’m wondering if it has a problem with cpu ram (I mean computer configuration) ?


Ah btw, Those were happening in max 7 :slight_smile: And got problem in 9 !


Thank your tips ,I do that like what you say,I render with fr ,I render test 800600 everything is ok,faster than scanline,but when I render 19201080,a new problem happened!


Hey everyone!
I’m having trouble with AB4. I was kinda good with ab3, but then i decided to upgrade it, and the problems came: i tried to create an explosion with an omni light inside, like Allan McKay does in his Adv. Visual Effects dvd, but with ab4 just the inner side of the particles is lightened! Everything else is black. I also noticed that even if i change the color of the particles (with a gradient like mcKay), they just remain b/w.

Anyone can help me?



i may have mentioned it before a while back but afterburn 4’s giving me black dots in my alpha? cant remember why!!.. anyone know how to get rid of them, im ideally rendering in vray but they appear inscanline also



Hello Debneyink.

I have the same artifacts with .rpf file format.
With .tga of .tiff all works fine.


I posted this question before a while ago but have an update

This is the problem I am getting. If you look closely at the stalk of the blast there are tons of small dots.

There are 4 seperate afterburn shaders in the scene but its the ones with the octane shader which causes the problem. I use octane quite often and most of the time I do not get this issue, but on few occasions i do and just cant get rid of them. I have been told to put the particle size to 0 (there are about 10 different options for particle size all over the place and turning all of them to 0 ddnt help) someone else said in particle flow turn the shape to vertex and the display to ticks. Again this hasnt worked. Now if it is a case of turning the particles to 0 which setting is it under what parameter? Again im sorry for posting this twice


yep thats the bain of my existence too right now!

does anybody know?
because i sure cant sort it out…


The octane shader that we all know and love has been having the issue since the inception of AB 4.0, all you can do is wait for a fix, or use raymarcher.

When using octane+AB shadow map (or any time you use the AB shadow Map for that matter), make sure that Atmospheric Shadows is unchecked in the light’s shadow params rollout, this is not necessary when using the AB shadow map, it will cause artifacting.


nice work thanks


yeah i have ab 4. The octane shader is very tempramental. I have used it for a lot of things including volumetric fog and it can work flawlessly but on others i get those really annoying dots and if you say its a bug with version 4 then they really need to bring out a fix