nice franko here’s my 2 cent just pics (zip) :


feldy - no… the ‘flying man in tights’ is far from done - I just seem to be in a tug of war between several countries :slight_smile: In Canada and Aus back and forth a lot right now.

Flood … wasn’t referring to flood, there’s a lot of other cool stuff coming otu for max soon. it’ll be xmas all year round :wink:

franko - glad I can help :slight_smile:


…can’t wait then to see what comes out… I know oleg is workin on some spiffy stuff… Not flood is fine… but anything cool makes me happy! Can’t wait to see what comes out!


hey allan, i’m guessin you’re seein my brother down there too? give’m a swift kick in the pants for me

cheers on the ab thread! hope it proves to be as invaluble as the mr and pflow threads did


hey man who’s your bro?

in canada right now… learning the valuable lesson of if you get invited to some 18 year old girls place on a monday night for a party … NOT TO GO… else you’ll get home at 7 in the morning drunk as **** and have to start work an hour later :slight_smile:

my friggin head!


lol… that’s why you’re so cool, allan. Now… you DID check her license, right??? You sure she was 18???


allan, i sent ya a pm dude…


this already looks like it will be a great thread.
Here is a reference site that many of you probably already have,but…

4th line down there is a link for Anatomy of an Explosion.


think I was still drunk when I made that post :slight_smile: most uneventful day at work in history…

I’ll start trying to add some stuff to this thread, fwiw ab can be used for a lot of stuff, I tend to use it a lot for liquid if nothing fancy is happening as the metaballs are much faster than blobmesh, and work quite well. It’s also great for doing large floods and splashes etc. As it can create nice volumetrics of large gushing water receiving light, so there’s other stuff its useful for rather than just smoke and explosions.


I tend to use it a lot for liquid if nothing fancy is happening as the metaballs are much faster than blobmesh, and work quite well. It’s also great for doing large floods and splashes etc. As it can create nice volumetrics of large gushing water receiving light, so there’s other stuff its useful for rather than just smoke and explosions.

really ? is that in your AB DVD ?
Sounds cool I didn’t know that after Burn did all that?
hey Allan I sent you a little something in a e-mail did you get as chance to view it,it’s from:
let me know !

On a side note I received your DVD this past monday (the same monday you got drunk) :beer: , and I did a few things with Pflow while watching your ADVANCED VFX nothing to exiting just experimenting with the wind spinners like (turbulence-frequency-scale…my god these 3 guys are soooo powerfull,specially SCALE !! )…I’ll post on Pflow thread next week or sooner…like I said nothing major at all. thanks !


yeah I believe I get into some liquid stuff with AB

Yeah sorry backed up on email right now - cool stuff very nice work!

That’s great to hear you’re getting the most out of the DVD, yeah lots you can do with it. Awesome!



Iam still waiting for your next dvd allan. as for liquid stuff with ab ill have to give it a try Ive been doing all my liquid stuff with glue still. although is it possible to use more than one node in glue to do the sim? also as u say cool things it better be syflex I talked with those guys last year about it for max and they said soon. I just got my lic for tp the other day. I need to sit down and learn it. I think the vids that come with it are pretty shitty i think maybe you can do some things with it and post it sometime allan.


yeah the vids that come with it are shitty :slight_smile:

I was going to do some stuff for it when TS were releasing it but they told me not to waste my time. TP’s good but noone uses it. It definitely is a bit of a learning curve, still it is quite powerful. my dvd’ll be another 5 weeks I’d say, I was going to have the harddisk that it’s on flown over to canada from australia but I just don’t have the time right now so I’ll just wait until I’m back and release it then. It’ll be worth the wait, might also release a trailer for it or something so you can see a bit of what’s on it etc.

glu’s cool, using it right now for a music video I’m working on, mixing it with some pflow stuff and scripts.


what about useing 2 nodes to do the sims for glue? you ever done it. Ive never seen the option for it. also mixing 2 luiquids i havent been able to do either. Im still useing a old build becasue a lot of old stuff wont load into the new builds wich sucks. Im starting to think i wasted a bunch of money into tp but you never know. I know it was used in Final destanation 2 and blade 3. but thats about it I never heard it being used anywhere else.


Hi all, i posted this thread elsewere and i was told about this ABurn thread by Sadghost, so Cheers:thumbsup:

Hi guys, have a problem when im rendering out after burn octane shader. i have attached 2 screen shots that show the problem i am having. In the afterburn_01 i have got 2 yellow arrows pointing towards a clear circle in the dust. these have been coming up all through the render and i dont know what it is from. Does any one have and idea hoe to fix this.

I was givin some advise by Chris THomas:
Erm, I’m not sure of the exact paramater name, but it looks like you don’t have enough “Falloff” towards transparency at the edges of your AB smoke puffs. This is making the fractal to visible there, and is showing up as circular artifacts. Try an increase the falloff, and that should help?

Any more suggestions guys

PS _ Nice to know that info on the AFC controls and key frames i have been pulling my hair out thinking i was doing something wrong. Awesome


TP is a great plugin… although a bitch to use, and nobody out there uses it. So it’s a waste of an investment since there are next to no studios out there who support it. So the amount of time you spend learning it won’t really be acknowledged anywhere.
It’s like spending 100 hours in a week working on something for crap pay that noone is going to ever see…

Particles are particles, the stuff we did on blade 3 was cool but it’s not like it couldn’t be done in any other particle system out there. But TP is still a very stable system so we didn’t need to worry about it bugging out or anything… unless someone installed unstable builds on the network that screwed everyone’s shots up… cough

in regards to glu - yeah you can mix two fluids together… you get your two emitters and have them listed in the one glu source… I’m doing something similiar for a shot for a music video I’m working on where seven pools of blood shift across a room and all merge into one source.


…Amazing how many times I’ve heard you say that now…


Hey SoLiTuDe,

I put together the bunker buster scene and just started to add some AB effects. I’m trying to create the part where the bomb just starts to explode.





Solitude it’s amazing how many times people commend on the whole tp thing, so yeah I keep relaying the same thing back


Heh… I think i’ve got it imbedded in my brain now, but yeah, the interface is definetly whacked (worse than lightwave! hehe) If I have to learn it in the future I know I won’t have too much trouble, but since pftools box 2 is on it way (eventually) I don’t think there will be a need for it at all … things like fragments and such are pretty cool, and some other good stuff, but after pftools #2 comes out i think we’ll all be in happy heaven.

Hey frankco… great start… can’t wait to start seeing more of it. On the test 01 (not the 001) All i can say it that the lighting seems a bit bright (for not so much explsion)… try using the attenuation on the lights to animate it’s reach, and also animate the multiplier to match as needed. Def. on the right path though… if there were more particles, and more explosion (looking at the ref. footage) the brightness goes up quick, so maybe i’m wrong… but anywho. Good work. Did you grab a frame from the original to make that scene?