Afterburn/particles question


I have a scenario where i have afterburn particles colliding with a ceiling. The problem is that the afterburn spheres are to big; they are colliding with the ceiling, but they also poke through and creates an unrealistic look. I have been using a template copy of the ceiling pushed down in Y to create the illusion that they are colliding at the right place, but again it is kinda a lame workaround and was wondering if maybe there is a way to offset the pivot of Afterburn particles or particles in general. I don’t want to have to change the size of the particles because it will throw off the nice look I have going… So is there a workaround for this



sometimes you just gatta hammer it out…


well that is kinda what the template copy is for just hammering it out…but really looking to find a more technical solution to the problem…maybe learn something new about using Max particles.


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