After the we go ! ? :)


Hello AlienZ guys…

…after some period of beach, I think that it’s the moment to move our big ass to produce other AlienZ stuffs. :slight_smile: :bounce:

What do you think about?

Personally, I think that AlienZ is, at the moment, the best collabo project I see on CGTalk forum, so…I will produce other animation tests.


bye all


I was just talking to Ila about a week ago … explaining that I’d be working on this by now if I hadn’t injured my drawing hand. I thought it was broken, but it turns out to be only a serious bruise. Once the swelling goes down and it stops hurting to hold a pencil. I’m on it like flies on stinky cheese.

Not getting any younger … I got to finish this project! :deal:


Kirt says "… I got to finish this project! "


I say Yeah! :smiley:

I’ll try to send you some health spell by mail! :wink:


Nice to hear you thinking about starting up again! :wink:
I’m sure having you back in here will take the collabs forum activity up a few MAJOR notches! :thumbsup:


Yay! Me too, else I’ll turn to an ugly frog! eek…



THIS project sounds cool.where can i help



Is this project still active?

I hope so, can’t wait till it’s released. I’m looking forward to it to appreciate all your hard work!


Hey guys, I just noticed this thread on here. Is it too late to join in? I’m a Modeler plus I’d like to try my hand at some texturing and some simple animation? Whattaya say?
-= Bill =-


not too late, the project is still “freezed”…we’re waiting for

“the return of the Kirt



Btw, Kirt is the owner of this collaborative idea…You can take advantage to read all posts and to build up your idea about the works we made. Anyway all everybody can model characters, but only the best works will be choiced.



OK I’m assuming #1 that noone started on modeling alien #2 so I figured I’d give it a shot. Here’s what I have after like an hour or so. Am I on the right track?

and a wire…

Still a WIP.

#2 I’m also assuming that since we are on this thread now that we will be continuing here? or should I be posting on the last one?

Well, any Crits welcome.

-= Bill =-


Yeah, I’m not the leader of the modeling, anyway it seems a good start.

And yes, it’s not so important, but you could begin a new thread , line ALien#2 modeling by Greendog.

I’ll ping to ILA to examine your work…no problem.

take it easy, anyway

bye :smiley:


Hey just wondering where we are now in the process…haven’t heard much lately. Update?


Hey Hello Dear Big Old Blue Cat! … nothing much here, but we are busy doing our personal things, what’s up to you?


After working several jobs at a time and some freelance for the past year or so I’ve settled in to a M-F 9-5 at a local technical college in admissions. Now I’m more stable so I can start looking around again and having some fun with modeling and animation. Some cool improvements have developed most definately! Just checking in and seeing where things were here on Alienz!


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