After the rain..., Diane Özdamar (2D)


Title: After the rain…
Name: Diane Özdamar
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

This is my entry for Saimain’s contest on Medowhaven.

The characters are Faeren, a young elf knight and Snoots, his little enchanted pet. The theme of the contest was to depict the relationship between Faeren and the Forest of Illusions, since he’s part of this forest.

I wanted to make him look as a tree and also live as a tree, growing after the rain.

I’ve had a lot of fun painting it, I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

Photoshop CS3
Wacom intuos 3A4
50 hours approx
No reference used (it has been challenging and fun to paint ^^ )

Please take a look at the CLOSEUPS, everything is lost in this version, there are lots of details that can’t be seen in small size.

You can see the whole progress HERE

Faeren and Snoots belong to Adele.


great work~nice feeling. he was looked little Care.- - I like a lovly girl instead of him more…


Thank you :slight_smile: The theme of the contest was to paint him though, so it’s not a lovely girl :wink:


Very lovely painting. The details are pretty awesome, and I like the butterflies. Good luck in the contest BTW.


Thank you very much Christine! :slight_smile:


I love the colors that you used, and I also admire your effort to paint without reference photos. I m actually stucked in that fase with reference images, it s addictive :wink:


this is wonderful stuff Diane, the colors (greens), hair and detailing has been very well handled. i esp like the over all mood of the scene.

fine work.

all the best for the contest…:).


Thank you very much for your feedback Waheed and Lilianne! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Salut Diane,Nice painting,i like the composition and the colors you used
Bonne chance :thumbsup:


Merci beaucoup Younes :wink:


its me again, I forgot to vote, 4 stars from me :slight_smile:


So it’s in the Gallery now . I should wait more what could I say that I don’t tell you yet 5* of course and it’s really wonderful and thanks again for the WIP


excelent work!:thumbsup:


Thanks again Younes :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Eric and Rock! Much appreciated!


Your work is just magnificant, and you’re constantly improving your techniques. It’s pretty amazing to watch I must admit. This is easily one of your strongest pieces. The composition, color scheme and details are all working. The concept itself is really strong, and you managed to blend the human and tree quite well. As for the foilage… Flawless. 4 stars, quite possibly your best piece to date. :applause:


Thanks a lot :wink:


But, I can comment here, as well. Absolutely amazing! I love everything about this piece. The details, the mood, the whole thing is definitely a “WOW” factor. I wish I could display this as an oil painting for my living room wall! :thumbsup: :applause:

(those spider webs look so real!)



Hi Diane! Wonderful mood you’ve captured. Love how you incorporated the (lovely:)) boy in relation to the tree. The whole painting is rich and full of interest. The little spider web and mushrooms are a great touch. Good luck in the contest but I know luck has nothing to with it! (5 stars and well deserved)


This is fantastic :slight_smile: I love the colors and especially love the enchanted pet. Excellent work!


Amazing work! Saw the WIP and love how it turned out:bounce: