After the Evacuation: Trafalgar Square


Hi Everyone,

I have been working on this image for some time now, whenever I get the chance between work and family duties I continue it. I finally feel like I need some opinions and feedback.

The concept is the exodus of a major city and a lone explorer revisiting decades later. My main inspiration is the abandoned city of Pripyat, and also airing my frustration and feeling of claustrophobia while working in a busy overcrowded city like London, just to imagine if you had the whole city to yourself like Will Smith in ‘I am legend’ (without the cgi monsters)

Feedback very welcome…




Based on your description of your intent, I think it would be a lot more effective/interesting if the image is actually showing what that man is looking at, instead of us looking at him from behind and having that monument blocking so much of the view we could be seeing that conveys this feeling of an abandoned city. The buildings/streets will convey “city” more than that monument.


Hi Lunatique,

Thankyou for your feedback, I like your idea, you mean a different focal point to the image right and one that tells the story more of whatt the man is looking at?
I guess I kinda saw this as an establishing shot bringing to the viewer the iconic landmark most people recognise as nelsons column as the focal point and the mystery of what the man might be looking at, could just be the further desolation down towards Big Ben and parliament. (Sequel image perhaps)
Anyway thanks for your feedback, I’ll have a hard think on what to do.
many thanks


Great job so far. I really like the level of detail you have as well as the overall atmosphere and feel. I enjoy seeing the bits of broken concrete in the foreground but it seems a bit too empty. This could be an opportunity to add some more debris that possibly blew there or was left behind by someone or something. Adding some elements in the foreground that could add to your story might benefit your image.


I really like this, Its got this beautiful empty feeling but I would really enjoy it if it had traces of people having lived there some more.
Plastic bags, Wrappers. Old newspapers. Leftover clothes and debris littering the street around the square.
Any security barriers set up as it was being abandoned? A bit more history to the scene will be gold! :smiley: