After some time i have got back right here you guys for some help or at least advice :) with "REDSHIFT Dome Light question"


Lets say i have got Redshift Dome Light with texture (HDRI) image in its texture slot and i would like to edit contrast or levels on it especially only in black areas (do some short of gamma correction if i am right? :)) but i do not know how to achieve it… do i need only edit this texture in bitmap editor? I guess i can do it right in the RS right? but how? :slight_smile: i just want to be sure because this i need very much every time. Take care in the mean time!


A while ago I read about the possibilty to customize RS lights via the shader graph.
Here’s a mention of it:

I haven’t tried it myself, but perhaps you can add a color correct node to the setup and control various aspects of your domlight-hdri?


The simple method for Gamma adjustment is to click the little arrow next to the word Gamma in your screenshot. Tick Override and adjust Gamma in there (see adjusted screenshot from yours below).

If all else fails, click Edit Image and edit in Photoshop to get exactly what you want.


Oh man, I had no idea! That grey bar always looked like a separator to me. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Thank you Drew, but i ended up within Photoshop where i was able to edit the texture as i wished… The Gamma correction in RS does not help me to achieved the right look, instead it seems to do some sort of contrast editing… not what i needed. But thank you anyway!