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A lot of Dave Scotland’s tutorials on CG Swot are linked to directly from After Effects Help. And the site is included in the After Effects Community Help search.


anyone know of a tutorial, or plugin, for after effects to make an effect like in lord of the rings when frodo puts on the ring?
a smudge-like effect



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I found out this nice LINK, I think there’s a lot of interesting things! Enjoy its! :buttrock:


The following tuts are from my brand new website - tools and tutorials for After Effects

Tutorial: How to turn your arm into a cyborg arm

Tutorial: Corner Pin with MochaImport
Advanced corner pin stuff with the Mocha tracker and my script MochaImport. Covers also aspects like adding motion blur, even if you have an old version of Mocha (like the one included in CS4) that does not yet support motion blur.

Tutorial: Advanced Compositiong
using an inverse tracking technique to composite action elements from VCP to a very shaky and blurry shot

On the website you also find several older tutorials and new versions of my After Effects Skripte MochaImport, Tracker2Mask, Chameleon und KeyTweak.

Here I explain the MochaImport script in less than 5 minutes:


It’s great to find that
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Thanks a lot guys you are amazing


here are some more new After Effects video tutorials from

After Effects Tutorial: Stabilize Motion Without the Need to Zoom

There is also a German version of the tutorial.

After Effects Tutorial:WikiLeak Removal

And here is the link to the German version of the tutorial.

After Effects Tutorial: ExpressionTimeline

And here is the link to the German version of the tutorial

After Effects Tutorial: Time(line) for Plexus

And here is the link to the German version of the tutorial

After Effects Tutorial: Modifying Keyframes with KeyTweak

And here is the link to the German version of the tutorial

After Effects Tutorial: The CopyMask2Layer Tool

And here is the link to the German version of the tutorial


I found Andrew Kramer to be excellent on tutorials, to the range of video effects he has on his website.

This is my first of many projects, All inspired by Andrew Kramer!

Cheers, Landon


there are some awesome resources here, thanks guys, new to the forum


FYI - link doesnt work anymore


thanx for the lovely tutorials



I thought I would give it a shot at creating tutorials, so this is my first tutorial:

In this tutorial, I show you how to create 3D Text without any 3rd party plugins.


here are some more tutorials of mine:

After Effects Tutorial:Trapcode 3D Stroke

After Effects Tutorial:Graffiti becomes Alive

After Effects Tutorial:Getting Started With MochaImport+

After Effects Tutorial:Ultra-Smooth Pans with Mocha and AE

After Effects Tutorial:Animation to Music - Part 1

After Effects Tutorial:Animation to Music - Part 2

After Effects Tutorial:Animation to Music - Part 3

After Effects Tutorial:Monster Face

After Effects Tutorial:Bring Your Letters to Life



Here is again a new tutorial of mine. Its about creating a futuristic semi-transparent screen and about smashing it in the end.

After Effects Tutorial:Finger Screen Part 2

After Effects Tutorial:Finger Screen Part 1


4 hrs of free mocha training for AE users:


I came up with this eye replacement technique five years ago. I realize replacing a subjects eyes has been done before, but this is for more advanced movements in your actor(s) The texturing has also been done with camera stabilization. These techniques are for advanced motion tracking. No stabilizing the actors and adding a zoom like you may have seen in a video copilot tutorial.

Anyone can follow along, novice - advanced. If you are not familiar with Imagineer systems Mocha for AE, or Mocha Pro, I explain everything in both videos. Anyone that has a working copy of After Effects CS4 and up, has a version of Mocha for AE in their adobe after effects folder.

Easy eye Replacement v.2

Digital Makeup (Zombie)

-Steven Miller


Anyone :slight_smile: can you guess how they ( Studio ) create Effect like this

It like trapcode particular or trapcode form but i still can’t understand :slight_smile: can anybody help me please :bowdown:


Hi guys!

I invite you to check out my Adobe After Effects tutorial on YouTube :

On my channel I have more tutorials on other editing softwares ( such as Adobe Lightroom, iPhone editing softwares and more!) check it out!

I’ll be happy to receive your opinion on my channel, and if you liked it please subscribe




Nice brazilian blog about CG, VFX and Motion Graphics. Also some great tutorials in portuguese!