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Maneesh why should you save these tut. in your PC, i dont know but i think the idea is to keep visitning this coool site “vediocopailot”. So enjoy and let Andrwe enjoy too :thumbsup:


Andrew Kramer man, i cant really access the internet without visit your web site man. And realy there is pretty cool stuff there, i mean that Riot Gear it’s a mazing.

you know what i fall in love with your website :rolleyes:

anyway keep up the pro work Andrew. and thanks for your valuable time :scream:


Check out this tutorial on how to create 3d ocean surface in AE without using plug-in.


i tried to watch Andrew Kramer’s movies many times but my connection here is slow ,never could see any of them
Is there chance you create a small size mov to be dloaded? i really want to see speedramp

ok manage to view whole file now
worth the hr of waiting
thnx Andrew


Really nice tutorials you got there Andrew, i watched your slideshow tutorial and had to laugh a little bit at the end what a monster you are (how fast) :smiley:

Question, where i can get this real 8mm video?



Thanx a lot guys for all those tuts !!! :applause:


Just copying Andrew’s post over to the tutorials (couldn’t seem em above) for anyone not familiar, Andrew Kramer has produced 50+ unmissable video tutorials all for free!!

Just released a couple of new Video Tutorials I wanted to share,

I’ll also be releasing about 5 more over the next week or two.

I’d better get to it.



Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post in here, since I finally gathered all my video tutorials into one place on my website. Almost all of them are for After Effects, but there’s a couple 3dsMax ones in there.

Maybe they won’t help everyone, but, whatever, they’re there if you need them. :slight_smile:


Great tutes man:thumbsup:



I do a little tutorial on Mask in After Effects, you can see here

My english is not perfect but I hope to help somebody…

Thank you



Thanks a lot For Tutorials





Wow a few of these answered some of my questions thanks


heres the best tutorial ever for after effects by andrew kramers. he’s the man,

#115 is also got important tutorial.


My project files based on Ayato Fuji’s online tutorials are here


Bullet Holes


I have just uploaded an After Effects video on , we also have a range of tutorials on other subjects. Hope it helps.


Hello, everyone my name is Henry AKA The Jedi
I have to announce to you of a great site where I offer free video tutorials for Adobe After Efects and Autodesk 3D Max.
My website is :
You can also feel free to post tutorial requests for Adobe After effects and Autodesk 3D Max by posting your requests at my blog, which is


Henry Mbata AKA The Jedi
3d modeler, Animator, Visual effects artist


I’d like to take this oppurtunity to promote AURELLIA. We made it back in november, but as most sites, it takes a while until it really kicks off. We’re getting a solid some-500 views per day, and we also get a lot of good response.

The site is a free resource for tutorials for After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and 3ds Max. We’re also expanding to blender soon, and we got some animators looking to help us out with XSI. We’re creating a quite extensive database for tutorials, in other words.

However, there’s more to it. We’re also offering(soon) free stock footage, pre-matted. We’ll also launch some products soon with basic training for all the apps we use in our tutorials, aswell as stock footage DVD’s for prices you won’t find anywhere else :wink:

Hope y’all find it useful :slight_smile: