After Effects Tutorials online


I have just started learning AE…these will be very helpful


Thanx alot guys


Just uploaded a new tutorial on creating raytrace like floor reflections in 3D space. This is an after effects 6.5 and 7 tutorial. It also gets into some basic 3D handling and basic expressions for linking layers.

Thought I’d share.

Andrew Kramer
Videoo Copilot


Nice tutorials Andrew :smiley: tnx a lot.


thanks alot . for this important links .


Yeah Andrew is one of my favorite he has helped me a lot with his website
i didnt know that he was talking in here also lol
another place for cool AE tips is
i dont know if someone sayd it before but its very cool


check this url :

:buttrock: watch ------- > then do it !!!


offcourse we know Video copilot’s tuts man are you serious


Thanx alot graymachine…

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Thank you very much.
It’s a great help to me, a nea learner of AE


I’ve got a number of ‘workflow’ video tutorials on my blog that some folks might be interested in…

They touch upon not just AE but many of the tools that I use in the course of my work. I should mention that these are not intended to be ‘tutorials’ per se, but more as workflow guides: they assume a certain knowledge of AE and aren’t designed to be ‘follow along’ tut’s. Those take way too much time to properly design :slight_smile:



ok my english is very bad so sorry.

i have been now looking on this forum for 20 minutes to find two tutorials.

  1. to change colours. for example to change in a video the hair color or the jacket color.
  2. i have a footage of a guy walking. i want to cut the guy out of the footage and remove the background.

if you dont have the tutorials can you at least tell me what words should i use on google to search? i think rotoscope is one of the words right?

thank you all for your help.


Search for ‘rotoscoping’ either with google or here in the forum, though I don’t think you will find any step-by-step tutorial for roto’ing as it is quite simple, but tedious and boring.

to change colours. for example to change in a video the hair color or the jacket color.

Duplicate the layer, roto the parts out you want to adjust and apply a hue/saturation filter to it.


thank you very much for your help.


I’d like to invite everyone to visit my new website with free video tutorials on adobe most commonly used applications: After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere and Audition.

my tutorials are not only about creating cool looking motion graphics, but mostly about using expressions, parenting, scripting and other cool techniques used very raely by most of motion graphics and vfx artists.

each tutorial (besides the main focus) contains usefull tips that will improve your workflow or maybe even shorten your render times.

make sure to take a look.

leave a feedback in the comments area if you like. no registration required.

i have already recorded some of the future tutorials, but i’m still editing them, and i have almost 20 wating in line to be recorded.

i hope you’ll like them.


thn for your time but it’ll be best doing downloadable tutor for people with slow connection


that’s a great idea. i’ll look into it and try provide downloadable tutorials as well.


Andrew thnx for tutor but i dloaded but it has no inside it
please check


hi. just wanted to point out that i’ve made some modyfications to the site, and that the tutorialsare now available for download. the videos are in FLV format, so you’ll need any FLV Player to play them back. here’s one of them:

i hope this helps you guys.


Hello guys,can anyone tell me how to save tutorials from videocopilot on my pc?