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and finally the page with the most links to tutorials on the web!


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Hey everybody, if any of you use IRC and are hanging about on eFnet, come join #aftereffects, there are some people in there that really know their stuff.

Also if you’re looking for tutorials I’m starting a webpage with links to all AE tutorials, I’m going to reference this forum thread to it too so that our users can get access to all these great links:

Thanks and hope to see you in the channel!


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If you are italian check our portal.


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This all tutorials from ya’re great! It’s going to be cool, ha?
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Some more AE tutorials can be found at

Some are written tutorials and some are video tutorials.


Hello guys…

I just installed AE 7.0. Its my first time using so iam completetly lost i went through all the tutorials in this thread but iam still confused as to how to use ae so i would be grateful if yo could post any tutorials for complete begginers or even tell me if there any dvd’s i could purchase that have a complete walkthrough of ae.


P.S it would make my life a lot easier if the tutorial were for ae 6.5 and above


This is a great tutorial for learning the basics, in video Flash video format rather than boring text too!

There are some more advanced tutorials on the site too:


heres mine



Link doeesn’t work. I get an error message which reads like this “his file is hosted by Tripod, a Lycos®Network Site, and is not available for download”

It would be nice if you would describe what your tutorial is dealing about and how big it is.


But here’s a really simple one on how to create backgrounds I posted at VJcentral.
Fractal Noise Backgrounds tutorial


i have bought PC with a dual processors AMD 4GB with 2GB ram and readon x1900xtx 516MB.
When I start to work with the After, the mem usege start to go up untill it get to 1200-1400 than the computer gives an memory error and stuck.
i use after effects 6.
didnt find any help for this prob in the adobe site.
Please Help!


Check them out. They’re free. More coming!