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Ayatoweb has a cool collection of effects tuts…and it’s translated in English too, now!

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Running out of memory is a common prob with AE, it’s memory management isnt the greatest. To help solve those memory problems that changing your cache sizes just won’t solve Adobe have put a ‘secret’ prefs option in the package. Hold down the shift key while you select edit->preferences->general and then release (mouse button first). You should then see a ‘secret’ option at the bottom of the list of your usual ones in the prefs window which lets you purge RAM at a set frame interval and other such things (layer cache on/off too). This will slow down rendering, but at least it will. Make sure the interval is reasonable, otherwise it makes no difference, every frame purging won’t shrug, But every 25 frames or 30 frames seems to work well enough.


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is their a tutorial for repairing a corrupt ae project file?


ayatoewb thats a nice website

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I have just rewritten my compositing ambient occlusion tutorial for After Effects as well as a bunch of other tuts. Check them out here:

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Once you can work out the various missing parameters these tuts are cool from a broadcast design master.


Not that I know of - but one trick I use ALL the time is reopening the file with my capslock key on. This stops AE from processing the file - allows me to change parameters or take off buggy effects and resave my file.

Works 98% of the time.

Hope that helps!

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This site has very good tuts…



Hmm my post didnt appear @@ nyway is there a tutorial site on how to properly use the Wave World (simulation) and Shatter? cause i tried to do the movies at ayato but I cant seem to understand using those plug ins @@


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Any good tutorial focus on Text animation? thanks