After Effects paint render...


Here’s a new Sketch rendered with the ZbornToy in After Effects:

Took 4 seconds to render.
Took 5 minutes to setup (playing around).
Took 10 minutes to paint in photoshop (doodling around).

It also has the upcoming NoiZette filter (z-mapped fractal noise) added to the background (rocky stuff).

Here’s the Photoshop doodle that was the original image (source footage).

I’ve also added a little quicktime to the website, where you can see it animated a little bit!

QUICKTIME of Funny skeleton demon

If you want to, I can make a little tutorial video, that shows the sketching and after effects compositing process of such doodles!? :slight_smile:

All the best and a Happy New Year,



Played it in a loop for the past 5 mins… amazing!!! do try and make the tutorial… would be really interesting for all of us. Tc. :thumbsup:




Great! Thanx! That’s enough for me to do one then! :wip:

Thanx again! :bounce:



that is amazing! finally i grasp the potential of this plug in!
now i want it! :slight_smile:


i couldnt resist to try a 2d sketch of my own and see what i can get

here is the startsketch

and here the result

the second one is kinda like the same as pic 1 but just the caustix effect used on that one


funky isnt it


Very neat stuff! Yeah! Makes me really happy to see some more experiments like that!

I think it’s all about exploring the possibilities! Since it is After Effects, you can totally animate everything, too, which is yet another layer of experimentation! :lightbulb

I’m playing with it for over a year now and I know I’m not nearly aware of everything that’s possible with it! Those are merely a few gimmiks, but the depth of it is tremendous.

Again, thanks so very, very much for posting this! Makes me really happy to see!

You’ve done quite a bit of stuff with it already, which does make me very proud, too!

SO, ROCK ON!!! :buttrock:
GREAT STUFF! :bounce:


original pic here

and here some shots after the use of zborntoy

second one uses just caustix to render



I was lucky enough to see your presentation at the MGLA meeting last week, and, of course, downloaded Zborn-toy the very next time i was on the net!
Unfortunately, I can’t seem to figure out some of the simpler setting. Is there a help file included somewhere that i’ve overlooked? I can’t even get the color to come through onto the image. Any help would be great! I really want to get into this tool!




Hey Sean,

I’ve got two locations for the documentation of ZbornToy, whereby the first one is on the ZbornToy product page:

…and the second one I put right into the dedicated zborntoy website’s INFO: …go to INFO!

Printable Documentation

To let the color of the “Original Image” (the one you have the plug-in applied on) come through, just go to the topic “original image” and dial in color mix

Don’t feel intimidated by the many parameters. Look at them piece by piece. Start of with an image that is interesting enough as highmap already, so you can progressively go through the parameters and play with the lights and their settings already a little before you get to the original image or shading topics and so forth.

Here’s how I work:

  1. I first rotate the direct light angle to about +140 degrees and dial the light forward angle up to something around 1.0, just so the light comes a bit at an angle.

  2. Depending on the footage I’m using, I either go to the original image topic and dial up the color mix (when it’s painted footage or photography or anything where I want to use the color as well) or I go to the shading section and select a different color than just white, give it a bit of glossiness (around 0.6) and add 1.0 translucency with a fitting translucency color!

  3. Then I adjust the depth factor, to see what I like best, unlike I have footage where I know exactly the depth factor (like out of Zbrush for example).

That’s a nice starting point. Give it a try. I think we really should pack the documentation into the zip file! Sorry about that!



Here’s a very quick 5minute “getting started tutorial” I’ve made extra for you! (shockwave clip)

GettingStarted with the ZbornToy

Let me know what you think about it and if it helps, please!

I’m still trying to figure out, what’s the best, easiest and fastest way of guiding artists into experimenting with it! :wip:



wow, thanks Taron! I’ll check all this out tonight when i get home from work!

its really shocking to me how big this plug-in is. most plug-ins usually do just a couple things, or even only one thing, but you’ve just about turned AE into a full featured 3d program! About the only thing you can’t do in it is model geometry!
And real-time GI?! that’s insane! watching your presentation at MGLA, I was thinking it’d be neat if you were able to create some kind of viewport realtime renderer for 3d programs. so many people would LOVE to adjust their GI, lighting, textures, refractions and caustics, shadows, in real time right in the viewport, and you’ve found a way to do it.

the pictures on your website don’t even compare to seeing this in action live.

can’t wait to get home now!



I tried to do the things from the tutorial,but I couldn’t manage to change the color depth to 16 bit in aftereffects. can someone tell me why is that? see the image bellow:


You may not have the “professional” version of After Effects!
Only the Pro version allows for higher bits per channel.

8bit works, too, but it’s of course not nearly as nice.

I never liked Adobe’s idea to restrict the standart version in that way. :frowning:

Anyway, try and see how you like working within 8bit. Also, the ZbornToy does convert every image into float internally, so if you use the “Geometry / pre-blur” it does a great job of overcoming some of the 8bit steppiness! :shrug:

Look into getting the after effects pro, though! It’s well worth it.


Totally forgot to post that, but here’s the render of the tutorial project:


Yea,I think that this is the problem…no pro…bummer…:frowning:

I tried the plugin in combustion too…There I can work in 16 bit and it works…kinda…but the color map is displayed at inverted color values…red is green, white is black…etc…is this because zborntoy is not designed for combustion?


Hmmm…wild! I havn’t heard of such combustion issues… can you post an example image?


here I will show you a simple example. I made 3 spheres in zbrush. I grabbed the alpha and exported it as a .psd. I also painted the spheres a bit and made a flat render. The flat render I exported also as a .psd.
I went into combustion…and this is the result when I used the colr map that I made in zbrush. it’s green where it supposed to be red and it’s kinda offset and also apparently tiled tilled. The first image is the color map from zbrush and the second one is the result in combustion.


Hmmmm…interesting. There had been a change in AE7.0’s layer handling, which makes it all work perfect in AE7.0, but it might be the reason for this wackiness in combustion. We’ll have to investigate that!

The depth render of the balls is ZbornToy, too, though, right?

Thank you very much for sharing that, that’s great! I’ll let you know when we’ve found what the issue might be! :wip:


yes,it’s a zborntoy/combustion render. (P.S.I used combustion4 )