After Effects Integration Question



I’m evaluating Cinema 4D 9 for use in our facility. My primary interest is the AE integration.

From looking through the downloadable docs it appears that camera and light data can be exported to AE, but not Null data. Is this correct? If so how do you deal with 2.5D/3D integration issues like corner pinning to a moving object? Do you just use lights in place of nulls?


Yes or parent lights to the object(s)/null(s) in C4d that you need to come over into AE.
Works very well.



Yes, that’s exactly what you do. Usually with the Transfer function, position zero-brightness (or excluded) spotlights so that their z’s are pointing into the objects, usually planes, that you want to match in 2d. It’s amazingly simple. Try it with the demo.

One trick. In After Effects, you often need to turn off ‘Accepts Light’ in the Material Options of any 3D layers in the comp. Otherwise, your 3d layers may appear black.


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