After Effects CC 2018 (IBC Announcements)


I believe the software will be officially released at MAX next month, but some of you probably saw this before IBC also:

My question is about the afterthought where it says “Third-party effects that use the Mercury GPU API will now render on the GPU as well.” Is this a new API coming for the first time with CC 2018? Because when I searched for a listing of existing plugins that were built with that API, I found none. THen I went into the AE SDK page with my account and like all the other Adobe apps there was just the regular App SDK.

Is the GPU API built into that and if so how long has it been built in? This to me sounds like “anyone who builds their plugin with this API going forward will automatically be rendered via GPU” as opposed to instant benefits for devs who already did it. I think some of Red Giant’s stuff uses one of the Mercury engine technologies but I don’t believe they’re all synonymous with each other / that we can assume they’ll benefit.

Any plugin devs here who can shed some light on this? Curious to know which plugins I already have that might benefit if any, without having to write all the devs. heh