Aetherius Obstructio (Ethereal Obstruction)


Blender 2.48a (3D Modeling, Texturing, Rendering)
GIMP 2.4.2 (Compositing, Color Correction)
Corel Painter X (Fake Brush Strokes)

Work Flow:
After researching Jacek Yerka’s work online, sketching out an idea, and placing crude block shapes for reference, I spent weeks modeling and texturing in Blender. Once complete, I rendered two images at full size; one ray trace and one Artificial Ambient Occlusion. I then took both pics and combined them in GIMP and made color corrections. After tweaking some imperfections and adding some last minute touches, I topped the image with artistic brush strokes using Corel Painter X.

My initial thoughts were to present a clock tower that divided two seasons. I soon realized the true meaning of my image as the project continued. The astral plane that has crashed into the clock tower provides an escape back to my childhood home from isolation. The image includes thoughts of home cooking, death, and life. I also see my mother and father in the scene; the left side of the picture is gritty and primitive (father) and the right side is more beautiful and nuturing (mother). The land in the sky could be my home town or an afterlife or a dream… I’m not sure. Maybe I should get off my ass and visit my mother.

I thank my family for forgiving all of the hours I’ve spent on this entry. This is an incredible contest with amazing artists and art. Thanks to all of the folks that put this competition together. Thanks to my friends and family for all of their suggestions and feedback. If I had it to do over again, I’d apply better time management and balance the 3D and 2D. I’d also work towards a better composition. Good Luck to everyone and thanks for looking.


Link to LARGE image (2560x1600)

Also… here are some close up shots…


This is neat…! :thumbsup: I like it…!!


Thanks Subi3D.

Here’s a nude shot…


Great concept and your modeling is amazing! When I looked at your final image I thought the blueberries were matted in: what a surprise! The painted details are really beautiful and integration of the model is well done. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations and good luck!


nice work, definitely something to be proud of! :thumbsup:


That’s very nice! It looks like it would have been a lot of fun to create.


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