Aegis:2375 - A Collaborative Science Fiction Project


The project is gone for nearly 1,5 years.i understand that it is very hard to do a sci-fi movie.also perhaps ther r lotsa give ups in this time.

Yep, that is the way of almost any collab. People will come and go. But we have got a lot of material at this point to put together something nice, and it is not like we are in a rush or anything :D.

Hey DogmaD and everyone else well I can’t find my Aegis folder with the models but I have some ones that were wips and weren’t in that folder, basically the rhino (could be used for a crashed ship, smg, and shotgun I will continue to look for the folder I don’t know what happened to it. Stupid 120gig hard drive keep losing things. The two guns are on the ground pretty much actual size.

CAC12, could you mail me those models? Just send them to Then I will place them in the right ftp folders and stuff ;). Thanks! The guns look very nice by the way, great job! You will a 100% sure see those back in the trailer :D.

Hey is this the kinda thing your looking for ive been workin on it for a couple of days and the body is almost unwrapped (its obviously not finished yet) it seems to be to small to be the main one in the trailer but what do you think? does it make the cut? i can post update aswell if you want?

Like CAC12 said, it does not really fit in the Aegis universe. But I like the way you model, it looks very clean. The ship is too small to be used on the planet, because there are only these huge spaceships there that have crashed there for unspecified reasons ;). Just send me a pm with your email address, then I will send you a base mesh that needs further detailing in the obj format. You can see if you like to work on it after I have send it to you ;).


ok thanks man ive sent you a PM


hey guys i dont meen to be impatient but could you mail those meshes?


hello guys,

Great work as usual Victor, CAC nice job there :arteest:

Hi Aids nice to see a fresh face :slight_smile:

I really should do some more storyboarding, But my work keeps getting in the way…will try and make an effort this weekend.

Cheers Mark


Hi Mark ! Yeah, I am too busy too to do anything on Aegis :(. Really annoying.


Hi Everyone,

I want to inform everyone that I won’t have the time anymore to work on Aegis. I am almost done with university and now I feel that it is time to put my shoulders under it, and do the things I really want to do with my life. Aegis has always been Dene’s dream, and I simply have some dreams of my own that I now want to spend all my time on pursuing.

I want to thank everyone I have worked with. I can honestly say that I learned a great deal from all of you. Even though I won’t be here to see Aegis through to the end, I can say that for me Aegis was a success. Because I have met some great people, who have tought me a lot, not only about concept art, modelling, lighting, and what not. But also about communicating, planning, and teamwork. I will certainly stay in touch with them, because they are great guys to work with ;).

Anyway, I have never been good at this writing stuff, so I will keep it short :). I certainly don’t want this to be the end of Aegis. So I was wondering if there is anyone interested in taking over leadership?


[left]very cool so far. keep up the development.


Hiya Victor,
I am glad we got to work together and I am sure you will do well in the future. You have much to offer any company that may take you on. I truely hope we work together again because you are a good team player and good friend. Please keep in contact and keep me posted with what you end up doing. GoodLuck.


Dogma- E5 said most of what I was thinking.You have broad and high level of skills- from programming to modelling and texturing. If you do ever end up in the game industry as a programmer, the artists will love you cause you can think like they do and not just as a tech head, number crunching programmer. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your contributions to the collab community in your taking over lead on AEGIS and also contributing to shirowproject as well. You have made a BIG impact and will be remembered! :buttrock:

PS: Do hope to still work with you when you get some down time or get an itch for a bit of collab work again :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind words guys :D. Well, I could fill pages about what I am planning to do next, but I will keep it short. I am working on a gameproject at the moment, and in it I use all the lessons I have learned from Aegis and Shirowproject about collaboration management. The most interesting thing for you guys to know is that offcourse I will keep in touch, and offcourse I will help with Shirowproject and Aegis where and when ever I can as long as people are willing to continue.

Once I have my own project up and running I am also planning to come back here on the collaboration forum with the project and see if people want to join in. The good thing is that now I know quite a lot of people, and I know who is passionate about CG and can deliver quality work and most importantly, is pleasant to work with. So I will be contacting them (you guys are offcourse included in them ;)) when I think I have got something interesting to offer.

Anyway, people can just contact me through msn/pm, or mail when they are interested. I don’t want to do it here, because this is not the right place for such a discussion.




Sorry to hear that Victor mate. :frowning:

I’m more than happy to carry on working with the project, but I’m not in a position to take over leadership. Perhaps Dene can as it’s his baby. :wink:

Good luck in the future mate, keep checking in on our progress won’t you.



:love: Whoa! Good luck Dogma I will be keeping my eyes open for your art work. You have some pretty big shoes to fill. You have a knack and great eye! Love your art


Good luck Dogma…cant wait to see what you come back with :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, I am still hoping for someone to step up to the plate and fill the leadership position :). There is already so much work done on the project that it would be a shame to let it all go to waste. Else I might simply try to create some stills images using the material done so far, so everyone has something final to put in their portfolio.

I have also had a long and helpful chat session with Soft Distortion yesterday about project management. We had a discussion about our future plans, and about collaboration management. It was already good to hear that he was very enthousiastic about my new plans. So yeah, I will definetly want to work together with a lot of people from around the collab forum again :D.


Hi Dogmad,

Thats a pitty to hear you’re leaving the project just like everyone else already said. You did/do great work and hope to see more of your work soon :wink:

I had some great fun working with you and you gave me some great tips while working on the project eventhough I didnt have much time these last couple of months :slight_smile: just like a lot of other people on the project but I hope to see you come in and show us some more great work once in a while and I’m stille ready to work on the project if there is still need of course

Hope to hear from you soon

ps: just as sonix said isn’t dene ready to take over?


I have not had any contact with Dene for a while. The last thing I heared from him was that he was working hard on his graphic design skills (which we’re going quite well), and I think he also wanted to follow an education in that direction. I have not seen him on msn for months now, but I do have his deviantart ( I will send him a message, see if he is up for it.


Hi all :slight_smile:

I know I’ve been away for at least a year, and I now only return as the bearer of doom.

It’s with a sad heart that I am announcing the end of this project.

Aegis:2375 started life over 3 years ago as a mere idea in my head, over the following 2 years I developed it to a point where I decided I needed to start making the dream a reality.

So, I posted here, on CGtalk.
After a brief slow start, things got moving faster than I ever thought possible, people became interested, people joined the project and we, as a team, began making the idea a reality.

The ‘core’ team, at least from the start where I was truly involved are: Myself, Victor (DogmaD) Mark (Element5) and Albert (MaxFX). We got things moving pretty swiftly, with some awesome concept art based on my sketches and marks talented imagination, and also that of Victor, who turned out consistent quality, Albert produced some eye-popping renders and was also kind enough to host the first Aegis team forum.

After a while and a few Gigabytes of content, the project came under the direction of Victor as I was simply not a project leader.

All turned over happily for a while, then I encountered a major life change, I lost my connection for about 3 months and I just didn’t have time for Aegis.

Victor continued to do an amazing job at the helm; the project went from strength to strength.
But, as with all things, individual situations change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. As time passed, the project slowed as a result of real-world commitments

And so I’m here again, years on, announcing the end of something wonderful. But, it has to be done, both myself and Victor have too many real-world commitments to dedicate ourselves to Aegis, personally, I’ve had too many commitments for the past year to do more than look in from time-to-time.

I’d love to be able to take the reigns, but sadly, as I said, I just don’t have the time.

So, I’ll finish by saying a big THANKYOU to CGtalk for simply existing in its glory and providing both myself, and the team of Aegis:2375 with a place to meet, talk and make friends. I’d also like to thank everyone who contributed to the project in any way, be it with content, suggestions or promotion.

Perhaps one day I’ll use all that I have made for something, perhaps not, but hell, at least we tried!

Strangely, I’m not too sad, this has gone far further than I could have imagined, the response has been amazing, and along the way I’ve met some wonderful and extremely talented people, whom I hope will go on to make themselves as big as they clearly deserve!

Much love

Dene Walker


Thank you for posting Dene,

Well this is it then. I hope everyone enjoyed working on the project, and we will probably see eachother around on different things :).


Wow an end of an era, I have enjoyed working on this project…Thankyou to all my team mates and friends. We really got one hell of a portfolio. I hope we all keep in contact and goodluck with all the future projects you may get involved in.

Thanx for all the memories.
Mark E5


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