Aegis:2375 - A Collaborative Science Fiction Project


[b]AEGIS:2375 (A Collaborative Science Fiction Project)

This project is now closed.
Hi all :slight_smile:

I know I’ve been away for at least a year, and I now only return as the bearer of doom.

It’s with a sad heart that I am announcing the end of this project.

Aegis:2375 started life over 3 years ago as a mere idea in my head, over the following 2 years I developed it to a point where I decided I needed to start making the dream a reality.

So, I posted here, on CGtalk.
After a brief slow start, things got moving faster than I ever thought possible, people became interested, people joined the project and we, as a team, began making the idea a reality.

The ‘core’ team, at least from the start where I was truly involved are: Myself, Victor (DogmaD) Mark (Element5) and Albert (MaxFX). We got things moving pretty swiftly, with some awesome concept art based on my sketches and marks talented imagination, and also that of Victor, who turned out consistent quality, Albert produced some eye-popping renders and was also kind enough to host the first Aegis team forum.

After a while and a few Gigabytes of content, the project came under the direction of Victor as I was simply not a project leader.

All turned over happily for a while, then I encountered a major life change, I lost my connection for about 3 months and I just didn’t have time for Aegis.

Victor continued to do an amazing job at the helm; the project went from strength to strength.
But, as with all things, individual situations change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. As time passed, the project slowed as a result of real-world commitments

And so I’m here again, years on, announcing the end of something wonderful. But, it has to be done, both myself and Victor have too many real-world commitments to dedicate ourselves to Aegis, personally, I’ve had too many commitments for the past year to do more than look in from time-to-time.

I’d love to be able to take the reigns, but sadly, as I said, I just don’t have the time.

So, I’ll finish by saying a big THANKYOU to CGtalk for simply existing in its glory and providing both myself, and the team of Aegis:2375 with a place to meet, talk and make friends. I’d also like to thank everyone who contributed to the project in any way, be it with content, suggestions or promotion.

Perhaps one day I’ll use all that I have made for something, perhaps not, but hell, at least we tried!

Strangely, I’m not too sad, this has gone far further than I could have imagined, the response has been amazing, and along the way I’ve met some wonderful and extremely talented people, whom I hope will go on to make themselves as big as they clearly deserve!

Much love

Dene Walker


Sounds interesting but we need a little more information.

Would it be possible to post some of the concept art you’ve got and/or the jist of the story.

Do you have any thoughts about where this project would go? tv, cartoon, web, game? This would determine the level of realism/detail required.


as for where id like this project to go…

ultimately id like to see it as a regular sci-fi series (i was thinking 4 seasons of 12 episodes)
all computer animated with motion capture by the voice actors and thier charactors modelled to look like them.
when i feel i have enough material im going to start sending proposals to various places (dont know where yet).

basically, this series would contain all the fun things in life…sex, blood, extreme violence, intense situations that only get worse and impressive space battles (of course!)

righty then...some images....(VERY basic) (sorry about the large size...the text needs to be readable)

[Story Removed]
Find It HERE


probably of more interest to some of you will be the need for creature moddeling…think ‘bloody great big demon thingie’
pix up soon (ish). were talking alien sea life etc…

i have sketches for various aliens most of which will need some real TLC (3D wise)


I like the story, very thorough, and despite your warning, well written. I like Sci-Fi with a good back-story, this greatly helps any character development and motivation later.

Unfortunately the pictures came through too small to see any detail (maybe CGTalk shrunk them upon posting?) is it possible to provide a link to the big pictures?

With regard to help, what do you want to do now? How do you want to progress? I can offer 3D modeling, animation and rendering help but am unsure about what you want done?

Is it the case that you want to produce 3D renderings to pitch the idea to interested parties? If so, what timeframe do you have? What level of detail were you expecting?


oz42 - You are right, when I first read the post the pictures were much larger.


and here i was about to delete this thread due to lack of interest!

well, first off thanks for showing some interest and kind words mr 0z42!

at this stage in the ‘project’ im looking for 3d models so i can see if the designs will work in 3d so i can make any necessary alterations, so the poly count will only need to be moderate.

this, hopefully, will be a TV sci-fi…like babylon 5…though all CG with voice actors and motion capture…and the aliens WILL NOT speak english like they were born on earth…at best it will be a hideously broken attempt at the laguage…and lets not forget all the power armour, sword play, big guns and mechs!

after the test renders and some refining, ill be moving on to more complex designs and the models wil need to be much more detailed. after that ill want to be looking into getting a short, probably 30-60 second promotional animation to pitch the idea to the relivent people (dont know who just yet). as far as a timeframe…theres no massive rush at this point so no pressure!
above all i want this project to be fun, and challenging (in a fun way) as this is one of my ‘big dreams’…ive allways been anoyed with the general crappyness of most tv sci-fi and i really want to do something better.

hope that answers your questions! (if not ill try agian!)

quick note…ill fix the pix, if that doesnt work ill just mail u the larger versions or something. probably me that made them toosmall whilst playing with image settings on photobucket…

just remember that this is just a personal project of mine and as such will be unpaid…IF it ever gets anytwhere then payment will be an option. but thats a BIG if…

and if you think that story was detailed…you should see the rest of it!!..that was my idea of an outline…haha!..soooo many documents…


i notice that there has been over 240 views of this topic and only 6 replys (mostly me) maybe a little feedback? maybe why you’re NOT interested? anything will help at this point…


Well im still a newb when it comes to 3d Art, but im training to get into the industry. So if you post a good concept art (whether it be creature or ship) Then i’ll give it a try.


Sorry Dene,

I’ve been very busy, both with work and we’re looking to move house!

I’d like to model your ideas, and will do when I get time. Don’t hold me to a deadline but I’ll get round to it when things quieten down here.

Just to let you know there’s still inteest in your idea.


i know the ‘concept art’ ive posted is a little on the amature side of thigns but im just trying to get the point accross, not produce some minor work work of art.

if any one wants any further idea of what im trying to do here, just leave a post asking wht you want to know, i’ll be more than happy to post anything relavent.


another alien vessel. this one is an early concept draft for a fighter. its about 30 to 40 feet long


Hiya Dene,

Just posting so u know that i was here…lol

I copied the story and will read it when i get a chance, I have to go finish my 1/6th scale head sculptures i am doing.

Take care


cool, thanks for checking it out dude!.

as requested, heres your first ‘challenge’. this, as the title suggests, is a kind of drop-ship. its capable of atmospheric entry / limited submarine activity (human image placed for scale).
what id like for you to do, mark, is see if you can take this concept one step up from draft level for now, see how we get on and all that.

excuse my vagueness, ive just got out of bed.
ive probably left a lot of info out, sorry about that, im not sure what i should be telling you…suggestions welcome.

(y’know…looking at it now i realise just how sketchy it actually is…hahaha! )


one thing…
PLEASE excuse the low quality of these sketches, improvement is why i came here, and so far ive had alot of very helpfull advice, which i appreciate and am trying to absorb.

-Dene- :slight_smile:


BTW…this is all set in the year 2375…tech style is mostly ‘nuts n bolts’ / practical.


Hiya Dene,

Here is my first draft to see if i am on track, I beefed up the design and streemlined the weapons. Hope you dont mind.




what you have done…it allready exceeds that which i expected / hoped for…damn…wow…thankyou!!!
do i mind? haha! u gotta be kidding! …and yes…seems very much on track.

and now for a more rational response…

  1. at the front of the craft there needs to be a hatch (item ‘8’)
  2. the top-mounted cannon needs to retain the coverage of teh original, as much as i like what you have changed it to. perhaps some merging of the 2?
  3. the engines should rotate (much like that osprey aircraft) to allow VTOL
  4. not too sure about the tail fin.
  5. i like the shape enhancements, especially the ‘strip’ around the body where the nose section merges into the top-cannon mounting…very nice!
  6. i really like the changes to the nose tip…seems alot more robust.
  7. more comments when im awake again…just about to go to bed…long nite DJ’ing in a hot, sweaty club…
    PS. ill try to post aditional views as soon as i can manage it (gotta draw them first)

just gotta say thankyou once again…im totally impressed and gratefull.
many thanks thus far mark!


Hi again,

Thanx for the great feedback :slight_smile:
I drew this while i was watching Australian Big Brother…Bree was evicted, bugger all the chicks are getting kicked out…lol

Here we go…

  1. Went one better with the front hatch, made the whole nosecone the hatch because of the extreme force from atmosphere and speed and if a crash landing u wouldnt want anything less…
  2. Top mounted canon made it fully retractable into the main top assembly and the canon can rotate 360 degrees…
  3. Ok made the engines rotate for vertical lift and forward and back movement, I took the liberty on changing the wing structure. I felt retracting wings instead of folding would be a stronger feature. The engines can be pulled in under heavy fire and give the ship more protection… but hey its just an idea.
  4. tail fin …threw it out the window intio the bin hehe
  5. cool
  6. The front nose I has a submarine feel to it and has to be heavy duty, mainly to deflect heat and frontal gunfire. The front of the engines are the same.

What do you think??

Hear from you soon.


Hi guys!

Nice work you are doing here. Just want to tell you if you need someone to give it a try at a 3d model of the sketchs, i could give it a try.