AEAF Melb June 7th


Hi all,

I was wondering if there were any CGS events planned for the AEAF next week in Melbourne?


Howdy Daniel,

i wont be attending this year, after last years less then impressive show i’ll be passing on this years, but if theres a CGS meetup or anything on let me know i’d gladly attend,

Otherwise have fun at the show.



Hi there,

I hear the AEAF, and the Digital Media Festival will be pretty jammed with some neat surprise speakers. Stay tuned.

As well, I’ll be doing a short presentation at the Autodesk User Group meet, [Wednesday 6-8pm], among many other people, talking briefly about the CGSociety and the benefits of membership. Book releases, challenges, Calls for entries etc.

Oh, and the other attraction is, … I have door prizes.


Hey Adam,

Great to hear from you, well in that case we’ll have to catch up for a beer or sometime.

Hi Paul,
Looking forward to it, I’ve put myself down for the Autodesk User Group on wednesday. Sounds good.

Hmm, door prizes…:thumbsup:


… :banghead:


As you can tell i’m new to this place and its great to see some other people from home here!
I really wanted to get along to Melbourne for the AEAF this year! I should be there right now! Unfortunatly I could not scratch up enough cash for the full event. Next year for certain!

Hi Tryinid, I did talk to a few people who attended last years AEAF and they were of the same opinion, but from what they found out recently they became much more excited about it all. Possibly the surprise speakers that hmedia mentioned.


Hi Paul,
It was good to be able to say hello and put an name to a face. I enjoyed the night.

Hi Adrian,
I went along last night. Were you there at the Autodesk user group?
It was fun. The speakers were top notch. I’m not a Max user and many of the speakers were demo-ing Max. I found it interesting, though it wasn’t anything that you haven’t seen or heard of online already. A guy from Digital Domain (USA) did an entertainin demo on blending animation between mocap data, key frame, rag doll, and back to mocap.

I think the highlight for me was seeing the Discreet Smoke demo, very cool indeed. The toxik demo was very nice too, but its the same demo you’ll see at the exhibition. Still worth it.

Oh, and the beer and meeting a bunch of interesting folks was very worth while.


Thats sounds like it is really good so far Sontaran! Interesting that many were demo-ing in Max, I was under the impression that most preffered to use Maya. I started in Max and really only just getting into Maya now.

As for the Autodesk user group… I’m actually about 5 hours from Melbourne at the moment getting ready for my final week of semester. So no, couldn’t have been me. Probably good that i’m here doing my work really:) So much to have done!

Enjoy the rest of the festival!


good to hear that it was interesting and decent!

oh well, i’ll try to attend next year :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, if people are interested in a Melbourne meetup in the next few months let us know, i’d love to get out and meet everyone!


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