AE - motion light turning with a delay effect



The idea is very simple.
The idea is to do the same effect that there is at 1:05 in this video :
in an After effect comp.

Actually its a point light with another effect that could make the kind of “delay”

It could be with native plugins maybe…
I tried with Particular and Lux but the effect is not exactly as on the video.

If you have an idea could be nice :slight_smile:


Try breaking the effect into smaller chunks,Maybe 3 - 4 layers.

  • one layer for the glow light and at least two layer inner lines.

  • Animate a null for universal rotation

  • Parent everything to the null and offset each layer with layer controls on their respective properties.

  • You can do the entire animation with a single painted layers and simple masking and offset animation.

This way you can have full control over the effect and tweak to your liking.

hope it helps.