AE: Can I drag a compositions longer / Shorter without time stretching it?


So all I am trying to do is extend a length of a precomp… from say 300 frames to 421 frames or whatever to fill a gap

Can I do that in the main comp just by dragging it?

I am trying to Layout a presentation script timed to VO.

The way I’ve always done it is to Set it to say 600 - find my cut in the main comp > dive in and trim the comp length. to the shared time marker.

It’s only just occurred to me - surely there must be a way of dragging it longer?

*** It’s pretty easy to make it shorter - in the parent timeline drag to the position dive in to pre-come and hit N then apple+C+X to trim the timeline - its just extending it involves using going to the comp properties.


If your precomp only has 300 frames in it, no. You’ll need to go in the composition settings and extend it’s length to something you need(421), or more so you can adjust further. If you’ve done work in it, adjust the length by dragging it out in the master comp won’t adjust the timing of any animation or anything else in the precomp.


OK… chalk that up to another utterly insane… never thought of by the AE team as obvious then.

I’ve been using AE for like 20 years - but not for a year - and it’s incredibly powerful in a lot of ways but I am finding so many outdated painful things that are just awful now.

Where are the obis things like:
Layer folders?
Expression editor?
Nodal effects - they have. nodal viewer that they put in 15 years ago an forgot. Or even Effects instances - so you change one they all change.
The project window that’s not been touched since AE 3.0 in 1995!!! that viewer at the top used to be huge… can barely see in on 4K and can you make it bigger… nope.

Anyway.s… rant over… I’d stick it on the AE Wishlist…but they never listen to any actual UI stuff and stick in weird things nobody every asked for… then completely ignore it.