Advice on texturing complex modular pieces to avoid seams


Hello! I am working on a little personal project to try to improve my skills, a Sci Fi themed modular set. I am getting close to finishing the models but I very much need input on how I can create a texture that will tile without any seams and without me having to rely on hiding the seams with other assets. (Such as the vertical beams you can see in my screen shot)
I marked where the seams would be for this one variation of wall piece in my screen shot in blue.
I am a complete novice when it comes to texturing but I do own substance painter and designer (still learning designer) but have a hard time wrapping my head around tiling textures. Especially for something more complex like what I have modeled rather than a simple brick wall or slapping on a tiling metal texture to the entire mesh and calling it a day.
I envision this wall having roughness maps to add grunge and some normal maps to add rivets and other small details. Some wear on the corners slightly perhaps.

Basically, how would you go about turning this modular kit I have here into a fully seamless and good looking scene?

Thanks again!