Advice needed for buying 19" LCD displays



I´m planning on buying dual 19" LCD displays to retire my old HP A4033A, after reading a lot of reviews everywhere on the web I decided to go for the Viewsonic VP191b, the problem is that I looked for it everywhere and couldn´t find it (it looks like Viewsonic doesn´t send this model to Mexico), so I´m looking for something similar but can´t make my mind.

The work I do is video post and animation in Combustion and 3dsmax, design in photoshop and freehand, which would need good color precision, but also I like playing high fps games so a good response time would be a plus.

The models I was looking at are:

  • ACER 1932D (good response time, not sure about the image and color quality, innexpensive, haven´t found any reviews)

  • BENQ FP91G+ (8ms response time, same as above, innexpensive, haven´t found any reviews)

  • DELL UltraSharp 1905FP (slow response time, looks like it has a lot of ghosting, but looks like it has great image quality)

  • DELL EP193FP (fast response time, don´t know anything else about this monitor except it´s inexpensive)

    • HP 1905 (nice response time, 16ms, think that it has good quality but high price)

    • Viewsonic VG910b (Slow response time, looks like a good quality monitor, other that I haven´t found any reviews, innexpensive)

    • Hyundai L90D+ (Looks like a great monitor for games but not sure for anything else)

    Which do you think would be best for my needs? Please, I don´t wan´t the discussion about CRT vs. LCD, I just want advice in buying a LCD monitor. If you have any other suggestion I will check if I can find it here.

    Any advice will really be appreciated.



look into DELL (hate to say it)

i have a 2005FPW cool display. forget viewsonic, owned one get floored by the dells. Dell’s use the same display as the Apple cinemas (check review on anandtech for the 20" versus).

if you have the right coupons in the USA:

2005FPW $400 approx
2405FPW $899
there is a 2001FP (non-widescreen) with 1600x1200 resolution too.

damn. :drool:

EDIT: dont people count the dot pitch on these flat screens now?


Stick to the ultrasharp series if you get a Dell - the E in EP193 is for economy, for colour work they suck. I’d second the recommend on stepping up to a 2005FP or somesuch, the extra resolution is great. You might as well get a 17 as a 19, they’re cheaper and the same res. Don’t understand the appeal of 19’s myself, for that reason.


Unfortunately, color accuracy and speedy response do not come together for LCD screens. If you need very accurate color, make sure you pick those LCDs with 16.7 million color. LCDs that claim 16.2 or 16 million color are 6-bit LCD that can only display 262144 true colors and derive the other colors by dithering. Most speedy LCDs belong to this class.

Refer to this article if you need more details:


I´m surely to look at the Dell monitors, didn´t took them too seriously before but after hearing good things about it i´ll probably go with one of them.

Unfortunately if I go for a 20" LCD it would be the 2001FP, I love having dual displays and widescreen doesn´t get along well with that, and also I think is the model I can afford, I mean maybe in the U.S. I could buy it for around 400 dollars, but here is almost at 800 dollars (that sucks, we live in a “poor country” and we buy everything overpriced), so I think dual 2005FP is out of my reach right now.

Do you think that this will be a good idea? I mean going for the 2001FP, or would it be a lot better to buy a 2005FP? If so maybe I can buy just one right now and the other one latter but if they are pretty the same I prefer sticking with dual display from the start, I would miss this :slight_smile:

By the way, I´m not fond about the 19" screen, is just that it was a lot cheaper than the 20" and anyway my 20.1 CRTs have that screen size, but I will see if I can get a good deal with the 20"s (cross fingers :thumbsup: ).


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