Advice about jobs that requires you to do everything (2D+3D+Video editing)


My dear artists;

I’m new in this field (been studying for 6 months now) I want to ask you for advice about those jobs posted around the world that ask us that we must have knowledge about everything (All Adobe apps+ Maya+ Da Vinci resolve+ Apple Final cut+ Java+ PHP).

Of course, I know about Maya +photoshop +illustrator+ substance designer & painter only. So Should I start learning those other apps to be able to land a job, or I should wait for another opportunity ?


It’s not clear what position is that. Either they are looking for a senior artist with both artistic and technical skills, or they are clueless and have little comprehension about 3d and compositing/editing. They look like a small company, which is looking for someone to do it all. Ud you’re just starting, it’s definitely not your choice, I would look for a single role position like a modeler, a texturer, a compositor etc.