Adventure / Fantasy movie - rendered with Cryengine and 3ds max


Tag Line :

A couple of teenagers decide to go on a trip in their final days of summer holiday. But their innocent little trip turns into something else when they discover something beautiful beyond words and terrifying at the same time

straight render, no color corection :


Most of the pictures below (in the first 2 pages) are old and obsolete, but left here for historical purposes :slight_smile:

higher resolution

This will be short movie, made with the help of the Crysis editor, along with other software like 3ds max, compositing software …and so on.

The screenplay is an original idea, and is in fact an adaptation of a book.The voice actors are almost cast. It will also feature custom sound effects and music.

If anyone wanna join feel free to email.

Some render test models / ground study

The following is with vegetation included

without texture

hi-res version - 4000 x 1856 pixels

Short proof of concept movie :

higher quality movie :

Low quality youtube :


A small update. A teaser in HD 720p on youtube. Don’t forget to press the HD button. The quality of the encoded HD video came up very nice.

I will use the Crysis characters as much as possible, even tough my characters from the screenplay are younger. But I applied some retouching here and there.

Some “make-up” . Also I made the eyelash longer. I painted the whole face but most visible is some darkening on face and the lips are changed.

GIF animation - before - after



Update. These are just low res pictures from viewport. Not final renders.


Looks great. Are you using the crysis engine for everything? Maybe give some details of what your using etc so we can give critique. Looks like a fun project. :thumbsup:


Looks stunning, keep it coming! : )


wow looks great



Well. I could use 3ds max. I have 10 years experience working with max. And the benefit would be a little more precision and control. For example in Max scene - birds and bees don’t fly around randomly whenever they want :slight_smile:

But based on the speed and convenience Cryengine is a better choice for this project.

A few seconds render time for a 2k resolution Full anti aliasing frame - I think is very reasonable. And the quality maybe not quite on par with a Vray render - but since this is an animation project … it doesn’t need to be photorealistic.

Of course you can’t use Cryengine for commercial projects - and this project isn’t one.


A higher res picture with AA . But still not full quality render wise.

higher res link :

low res with some DOF experiment


The quality is exceptional. I am stunned.


A short update. These are just some wip tweaking the environment look and colors.
A friend told me that while the colors look nice, it looks a little bit too happy for a mystery suspens fantasy film

dof test with a new realtime dof bokeh shader

High res pics


Update. Not necessarily a scene from the movie. MOre of a test

the rendered video on youtube. I’m using also a novel approach with a real-time dof bokeh shader - instead of an after effects post dof.


amazing work !

i dont know nothing about the crysis engine, but you can render/save pictures from it ?




Yes. You can save pictures or movies. Real-time in viewport - and almost real-time in rendering and saving.


Looks very good! Fantastic job you have done!


Amazing job so far,love the HD videos!


Thanks :slight_smile: . I will post more from some new scenes. Hope they’ll turn out as good or better.

Some critique would be nice also. I know the dragonfly looks horrible - but in the last scene only the environment/background matters.


Not really about this film project, still they are related a little - since they are tools for better results on this movie.

real time Dirt Shader procedural with all sort of presets

since the shader is procedural - no texturing / mapping necessary

together with the real-time bokeh shader


Hey Sebastian, Great work!

Here’s a few questions since I’m working with cryengine right now too. I’ve actually come a long way since my PM.

  1. How do you export multi material objects from max (I got 2009 crytools working)?
    For example, if you have a building with brick, stone and glass on different objects, and each material uses the crytek shader, how do you export all the objects to a brush so that they can be placed in the level at the same location and scale but then have different materials? I know there is a multi/sub obj material, but I can’t seem to figure out how to export the material with the subs.

  2. I imported the TOD from the island level, but when I change the TOD, the sun position doesn’t seem to change. Furthermore, do you know how to change the TOD in game mode?

  3. Where do you apply the Bokeh shader to the camera?

  4. Is the dirt shader something you built?

Looking forward to more video updates!

  1. I never used that workflow - creating multi sub materials in max. What’s the use ? You will have to adjust anyway the materials in Cryengine again.

You can also consult this :

First let’s talk about the material export. Just texture the object in max like you normally do. Export the object. Ignore the “export materials and stuff” . You can also select multiple objects and export all as a single object.
In Sandbox create a new material, or a new Multi Material. If your object in Max had a multi material - the exported object in Sandbox will “accept” that new Multi Material created.

Regarding the scale - if you set the 3ds max to use the cm / meter scale - in Sandbox 1 Unit is 1 meter. You can measure things in Sandbox with solids.

Before experting object to Sandbox it’s wise to place them at 0,0,0 . Also don’t scale them, or if you scale them - use Reset Xform.

If you insist you can have your objects placed at the same location they were in Max. Just export them without moving them to 0,0,0 - And in Sandbox place them at 0,0,0 . But it would be alittle awkard working like this.

  1. The sun should change, if you change the time. Normally you adjust the TOD in editor. In game-mode it’s not possible (without some fancy scripting)

3, 4 . The Dirt shader and the Bokeh shader is something I built (changing some existing shaders - so credit goes also to the original shader creators)

It seems I was even featured on some gaming news with that :slight_smile:

I plan to build more tools. I will also post here updates even though they are not very related to this movie project.


Some new pics from a movie sequence I hope to finish very soon

and some work on the assets :

And these are modeled with the Crysis own modeler - the voxel stuff - to model some of the trees. Even the tropical vines can be modified in crysis - with shader vertex modifiers