Advanced rigging controls, multiple sliders expresso control of same object/ rotation


Trying to setup advanced rigging controls for a character, Fingers splay, finger point, fist etc etc.
However for example when i setup a simple rotation slider for the index finger to curl i’m literally unable to gain control over the finger joints/ control spline to rotate them individually with any other sliders or controls i’ve setup.
Expresso has to be disabled for anything else to be used, I went with expresso as using the morph tag on the rig proved to be restrictive when posing (snaps), Don’t know any other means of setting up control for pre determined movements/ positions than the morph tag/ expresso managed sliders…

Is there an expresso node structure i’m missing that would allow for additive control? Each slider only adding rotation and doesn’t take full control of it from 0-100% etc.
Currently using slider-range mapper-object rotation (I tried the math +add node but changed nothing)

Any information, guidance on doing advanced rigging controls in C4D would be appreciated.


When an attribute is being driven by XPresso, it’s driven by XPresso. You can’t do anything else to it.

What you probably want to do is have nulls and controllers in some sort of hierarchy, probably the controllers following these nulls, and use XPresso to drive those nulls. That way the controls will follow along, but the joints are constrained to the controllers. So the Slider drivers the P Rotation of the null, which the controller will follow along with(because it is a child), and then you can animate or counter animate that effect by selecting the controller and rotating it manually.


Over time i’ve seen projects with a crap ton of what i considered to be unnecessary nulls poluting hierarchies, Guess i know why they’re needed now.
Ty for the reply mate, I take it Maya has better tools to solve this issue; why most folks recommend it for animation.
Unless something else comes up this solution will work, It’s simple enough but the more advanced the additive controls the more nulls you need to get things done, I forsee a bit of a headache >_>


You can have more than one rig and use the pose morph to select which rig to use. iv set this up for blending between IK/FK, this is worth looking into as using expresso to drive and switch between functions such as IK/FK switching when you have controllers with their constraints that must be enabled/dissabled, visible, invisible can get quite a headache, and take a long time.



Wow the pose morph tag can do that?
I’ll have to look into it, I’ve done experiments with multiple rigs so can give that a go again, prefer to keep things light and tidy but 3D life is suffering.


There a several options to work around that. One a way is to use a track-node. In the example of the finger rotation you can read the current rotation keyframe value with the track-node. After that you can add the slider value. Then wire that into the rotation of the object. Make sure the xpresso-node is set to any priority later than animation.

So you can then effectively use key-frame animation and offset that with a slider.


Maya would do it the exact same way I mentioned. It’s not about some tool. It’s just how programs are wired. If something is driving values, then the values are driven. You can’t drive a controller and expect to also animate the controller. You drive something else and then also have the controller. Same thing in both programs.