Adobe's awesome deck of cards


If you haven’t seen this ad for Adobe, check it out:

Pretty freakin’ awesome work by Mike Kellog ( ). Now, I’m not asking for a full breakdown of how to build that entire scene. All I want to do is animate that first shuffle of cards: lifting up the deck, bending them as they fall back down into a stack.

So far what I’ve come up with is a linear clone of a cube polygon (cube to give the edges some depth), with a bend deformer. It looks like crap. But the concept is sound, isn’t it? As a set of mograph clones, I can animate the placement of the cards automatically, stacking and lifting them as I please. My theory is that the deformer could be moved up along the Y axis, with its mode set to Limited, thereby affecting the cards as it moved up in space. Or maybe not a bend deformer, maybe a spline deformer or a spline rail.
As far as I can see, I’d have to use a deformer, not an effector. most of the mograph effectors only chance placement, rotation, and scale; they don’t deform the actual geometry of the clones, aside from the Extrude object.

Of course, I could also do it by hand. Apply deformers to a duplicated bunch of cards, and keyframe their strength over time, even as I animate the individual cards’ movement. But you can see why I’d like to avoid that.

So, am I on the right track, or the wrong one? Is this a job for Xpresso? Whaddya think?


You can do it very simply, just create a bent card and a flat card, put both into a cloner and set the clones to blend. Then use effectors to move the clones around (using a falloff) and to modify the clone value (which will modify how much blend there is between the two shapes).


In fact this was doing using cinema and a lot of Mograph.

And if you get the chance come to NAB in April he’ll be there presenting how he did this actual project so you will get all your answers there.


Thanks, Per-Anders! I hadn’t thought of blending two clones together.

Okay, I’ve cloned two cards, and I have a step effector moving them up and down. I don’t know how to connect an effecor to the cloner’s blend settings. Can you help me out?


Use the “Modify Clone” parameter to control which clone is used or where in the blend the clone is taken from.


Whoo-hoo! Well, I actually set the clone to sort, rather than blend. That way, I could control he sequence of cards being called up as the effector goes by. Tomorrow is all about tweaking the animation.

Oh, and trying to get a pass to NAB!


that is really gorgoeus. So was this all MoGraph and cinema4d. If so it’s one of the best advertisements for C4D I’ve seen. I noticed some dynamics in there as well.

This is a really great piece of work, wonderful concept, beautiful art direction, and technically up there with the best.

all the best



I’m getting repeated browser crashes, mainly at the switch to the ‘Spades Pirates’.
It’s happening on both Firefox & Safari. Installed the latest Flash and Shockwave but still no joy.

Any other Macs manage to see the whole thing? Or is there some-where to report it to?

Cheers, Alan.


Exactly the same thing happens to me. I am on G5 Dual OSX 10.4.11

Cheers, Ingemar


Very nice animation!

No problems with Firefox here on PC.



Absolutely amazing work. I noticed how it “stays alive” where I place the timeline, instead of being paused. Plays some kind of loop animation instead.


Great animation and some of the best Mograph work i’ve seen. Lovely look and feel to the entire sequence. Well done!



A stunning piece of work, and a great example of what MoGraph can do. But it feels a bit odd to see this as an Adobe add. Clearly Photoshop and After Effects could have been used in parts of production here, but there’s no doubt that a 3D app was the principal software.

Anyway, can’t wait to learn more about the process behind it.

Well done to everyone involved.



Ahh, I was wondering if this was Mograph, I thought I’d spotted the delay effector’s ‘look’ in the wobble as the cards slot into place… great ad for Maxon that it is, would be great to hear more about the making of this piece at some stage!

Cheers - C


Great work!

Plays (but slow loading atm) fine w MacBookPro/Leopard/Safari



come to NAB, I’d love to meet you too. :smiley:

funny you mention that I find all the time my fiance and I see things on TV and go oooo mograph but I know a fair bit of it must also be done in other apps like maya, I mean it is standard motion graphics stuff, but we take care in knowing that if it was done in another app we could have done it easier than them in mograph.


Plays fine in Safari here. Had to drag the slider
all the way to the end and it just played on.

As soon as I saw the flag, I knew it was C4D.

Very nice, very creative :slight_smile:

Played it again and it crashed.


Plays fine here on Intel MacPro; safari.


When is Maxon going to arrange such events for people in Europe? I would love to know more about the technniques behind this awesome clip. Very nice!


Wow amazing clip! Can we get that on CG Society front page so more people can enjoy?