Adobe Photoshop running on 64 bit Windows machines.


Hey guys,

I am in the process of updating my machine to a new 64 bit Windows XP system.

I was wondering If any of you has already done this, and if any of you has experienced any performance issues with Photoshop (who happens to be a 32 bit application) in this kind of environment.

Looking forward to your comments,



My co-worker did this recently…no problems whatsoever (CS2).

He also uses 3D Studio Max (an older version) and reports this has become pretty unstable…


Hi Roberto, please update on what you find so the rest of us can get a leg up…upgraders kind of have to make it work, cause there doesn’t seem to be any plans for Adobe to make it 64 bit soon. :hmm:


Along with a recent reformat I had the foresight to map an extra partition allowing for a dual boot XP/XP 64. After using PS for a week or so I am happy to say it’s running without a glitch. All plugins seem to work as well. I had waited a long time for drivers which I now have for all but one PC component (a pci firewire card) and in that time there are still a few programs that simply won’t install on the 64 bit OS. So my advice is to keep both OSes on hand, store all work documents on a separate hard drive for access from both OSes and find a motherboard that’ll hold 8GB of RAM, which is where the real speed advantage shows up. I’m now on a Quad Core processor in 64 bit XP with 4 GB RAM and Photoshop leaps into action and cranks out the work faster than I dreamed possible. It better, I paid enough to make it happen… : 0


I’ve been running CS2 on Windows 64 pro for about 6-8 months I think, probably more but I can’t remember when I built this box. There are no issues at all with it, and the speed difference is marked.

In terms of RAM, you won’t get the full bang you would with a true 64 bit program, but it’s still well worth having the extra. I have 12GB in my current machine. With Xp64 CS2 will still only directly access 3GB, but the next 2 or 3GB (forget which) are available for plug-ins to use directly, which speeds up a lot of functionality. There is some info on this available on Adobe’s site, but I don’t have the link handy.

I’ve recently added some RAMdisk software from SuperSpeed and assigned the last 6GB of my RAM to that, and set that as my primary scratch disk. That also made a notable difference (about 20% on average). That software was only about $50 and so far has seemed well worth it.

This machine has a number of upgrades over my non-64 bit system I was using before, but it’s about 400% faster overall (yep, that much faster), and I’ve found Pshop to be extremely stable even with very large files (in excess of 2.5 GB).



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