Adobe Discontinues Standalone Applications, Moves to Subscription Only Model


I think the internet connection issue is the least of the problems here. This is just so wrong on so many levels. It’s nothing but greed on Adobe’s part. People weren’t upgrading enough, so they start charging regular fees to all those people who can’t live without our product. It’s practically extortion - a small time user or freelance will have no choice but to upgrade if associates or clients use newer versions. It’s as if you bought a car 2 years ago with cash, and the dealer now says you can only keep driving it if you pay for a lease plan (which they can revoke or modify at any time). How many people do you think would go along with that?

What if you can’t run the latest version because of hardware limitations? Will they force you to download it? How many versions back will be available to cloud customers? What happens when the licensing servers are hacked (like Sony was that time) or go down and you have a deadline?

I’d be willing to bet they will be uploading metrics info and will know exactly how you work and perhaps (puts tinfoil hat on) even what is in your files. I’d guess that your actual work files will still be stored locally on your machine, but who knows. Everyone seems to be in bed with the NSA these days, so the idea that they may want to access the subject matter of your files is not that outrageous.


Do you see this as a valid route to supporting you and your family in the current workforce?


I would never suggest you simply ‘get over it’ or tell you that your concerns are silly, and really this kind of forum is not the place for this kind of issue but yes maybe things will look better if you take a step back, and try to focus on something else for a while or simply get some rest. I’m lucky that I’ve never been in a mental hospital but I have had dark times in my own life, as I’m sure many others have.
All I can say is that things do get better if you take positive steps, even though that can be the hardest thing in the world sometimes. Seriously, try to reach out to someone you know and trust and try to unburden yourself. Easy for me to say I know, but if I’ve learned anything in this life it’s that things that once seemed like major obstacles and issues really aren’t so critical with the benefit of hindsight. The important thing is giving yourself a break, and the time to achieve that hindsight.



Well I suppose if everyone bunkers down onto the current version and they don’t get those subscriptions they are vying for they will have to revert the model. I think if they really wanted to push the could and kept the customer in mind they should of done both a standalone and cloud but given discount/promotion toward cloud purchase. The online portion is intersting since there are issues such as controlling IPS (NDAs) and guarding internal networking from virus/hacking. I wouldn’t want workstaions online if they were solely for production for such reasons.


I am not sure if it helps, but all are beign affected by this.


Life is much more than software.


hah not remotely, it was mostly sarcasim with how far the overhand seems to be seeking out control of our technological world.


Yes they can…
They can claim that they can use your artwork without your permission.
At least that is what they are trying to do.

That is the whole point of the orphan works bill corporations are pushing.
They want to own the rights of the artworks/pictures you have created.

They tried that stunt in the US and it failed in a bad way, but they got their way in the UK

Anyway, that is ANOTHER topic.


haha blimey Roboerto you are a wiz of depressing news though useful to know. What I mean is if we all live under rocks and never share our artwork outside of our own gaze we can be safe. Maybe artists around the world just need to toss that money that usually goes toward software and equipment each year into a mass pool to build our own utopian creative haven.


Wouldnt it be awesome if there was a true competitor to Photoshop? Whats the closest thing? There must be a market for it.


My friend I know…This crap depressed the hell out of me too.

But as I often say,

“you can cover the sun with your hands, but don’t pretend it is not there”.

Thank God for Watermarking and US IP law.
Here in the US we fought the Oprhan Works act 5 years ago and we won.
But the sneaky bastards, are now trying a back door using another country.
We just need to regroup, join our brothers in the UK and complain loudly …

Anyway, guys, we are all beign attacked across the boardas an art community from all directions.
The only thing we got, and I know this is going to sound corny as heck, is each other.
Really. We need to start organizing as artists and fight this sort of crap.

We to send a loud message to ADOBE that we are not happy AT ALL with this move.


You would have to invest in a number of apps to recreate the exact same or better functionality:

  • image editing: Photoline (better layer system, better layer masking system)
  • Corel Painter for better digital painting
  • 3dCoat/Mudbox/BodyPaint better 3d painting
  • substance designer: far better texture creation

With Photoline and 3dCoat it would still be less expensive than the CC thing.

I saw this coming last year, and I switched for all of my image editing to Photoline 8 months ago. Never regretted it.


I hear ya on finding alternatives being slim, I have been used to after effects for years and love it as a tool even if I don’t fancy the business decision they made. Also after digging a bit I may have jumped the gun on indidual workstation deployments in a studio or company. From the looks of the adobe FAQ they have special packages for mass deployments that would use the " existing Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) infrastructure". I am taking that as meaning that they could still be activated and full though working independent from external networking.

I suppose my main issue is commitment given many of us don’t have money to shell out each year with the constant updates (nor reason to). My hunch is that this will be a blow to the company similar to when netflix decided to boost subscription costs. Nearly every artist I know is quite content with the current package so there just won’t be any more upgrades until either they change the marketing plan or I guess when windows 9000 no longer supports it.


EDIT: The following opinion has been reversed, read later post!

Um, I feel stupid asking but what’s the big deal?

I’ve been on Creative Cloud since January having not bought an Adobe box since Design Premium CS2, and I love it. I pay £27 a month for access to every app. Granted I only use 3 of them but still, it would take me over 4 years of subscribing to pay the same as it cost me to buy the boxed product. That doesn’t account for upgrades either.

As for the ownership thing… meh, I ‘rent’ my music and movies, heck I don’t even ‘own’ my car (or house for that matter)! It really doesn’t bother me.

Yeah it’s a greedy move but hey, business is business, nothing new there.

As far as I can see, it’s £27 a month for the Master Collection. One job and I’ve paid for it for a year.

Seems like I’m the only one in the world who feels that way.


It’s not an issue of the service or owning, it’s an issue of not having a choice.


Can I use it on my mac at work and my PC at home without having to pay anything extra?


If it is like a current CS6 licence I have you get to have 2 active copies for each serial/licence.



Which, from experience, you couldn’t do with the boxed version. It was PC OR MAC.


Hey you work at Pixar, surely you’d know. :slight_smile:

Personally I signed up for this recently. And sold my boxed cs5 on a deal ( not even sure if that’s allowed - was the nab deal not an upgrade…)

It only currently needs to connect once a month to stay activated. They said there are other options for that coming.

For me it’s fantastic even at full price of £50 a month. Whats that a few hours work! But I suppose you have to have need of a lot of the software. I use 80% of it as an independent.

I know why they’ve done it. Piracy is nuts with adobe stuff so who can blame them. I have worked recently at companies that have 1 boxed copy of cs master and its installed on 15 machines. I thought it was shocking so I left. I find it hard to find work because scum companies like that CAN undercut by not actually buying software… Hell they were even running hackintoshes and pirate windows on self builds. Also running Nuke, max and maya all hacked…

What do you reckon should I shop them in? All the staff bar the bosses are freelance and they hate the guys running it too.


Brian: thank you for your words, it really make me feel better. I will keep that in my mind. But like i said, now i probably will need a break ( i have done work for 14h now without breaks, because i am a little bit workaholic) - so, sleep time. PS. I will call to my psychiatrist today (in the morning).


I know why they’ve done it. Piracy is nuts with adobe stuff so who can blame them. I have worked recently at companies that have 1 boxed copy of cs master and its installed on 15 machines. I thought it was shocking so I left. I find it hard to find work because scum companies like that CAN undercut by not actually buying software… Hell they were even running hackintoshes and pirate windows on self builds. Also running Nuke, max and maya all hacked…

This move isn’t about those companies/individuals and it’s not going to affect piracy ONE … TINY … BIT. It is about Adobe wanting a more consistent revenue stream. Period.

What it WILL do is make things harder for those of us who are using the software legally. For example, where I work (art department for a global power/engineering company), we were told a while ago that anything cloud related would be deleted from our systems and that any subsequent attempts to install would be dealt with severely. I now have to go to my manager and explain to him that if we want to keep the department current we HAVE to convince the higher-ups to use the cloud. :sad: