Adobe Discontinues Standalone Applications, Moves to Subscription Only Model





Here is a reply from adobe:
"just noticed this post and wanted to clarify and correct some of the conclusions it draws.
We are not discontinuing Creative Suite. We are phasing out shrink wrapped boxed copies. This is covered in the Creative Suite FAQ:

Why is Adobe discontinuing boxed copies of Creative Suite?

As Adobe continues to focus on delivering world-class innovation through Creative Cloud and digital fulfillment, we will be phasing out shrink-wrapped, boxed versions of Creative Suite. Electronic downloads for Creative Suite products will continue to be available – as they are today – from both, as well as reseller and retail partners.

Note that electronic downloads of Creative Suite are still available (both via direct purchase from and reseller and retail partners, and via Creative Cloud).

I hope that helps clarify the information


mike chambers"


That still doesn’t address the statement that CS6 will only be supported for bug fixes and there will be no CS7, i.e. after this you will have to subscribe to continue on with their products.

I think they need to clarify that too. I have a feeling that it will turn out to be true.


That’s just on getting older versions though:

If you were hoping for permanent “CS7” license, looks like that isn’t happening. From:


Dear Adobe:


Confirmation on the news:

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Enjoy the cloud guys…

Some of the comments on these threads are really good:

"Let’s take this cloud nonsense one step further… hardware requirements. What happens when Adobe, or any other cloud provider, decides that you need the latest and greatest hardware? I run a dual-core system with 8gb currently. What if Adobe decides I should be running a 4, 6 or 8 core with 16+gb because their software will be ‘more efficient’?

I actually stopped upgrading PS at 6.0. It does what I need to get the job done. "


"… Agreed. My point of view - Adobe wasn’t selling as much software as they used to because they weren’t coming out with any worthwhile updates. So, they made the cloud version, which initially it sounds like a great deal until you realize that you’ve already paid them for the same thing - for years!
Now they’re going to force the entire ecosystem to update to the cloud by killing backward compatibility with non-cloud software.

The only reason I’ve had to upgrade since ai10 or earlier is to keep up with compatibility."

" “I paid $1200 a couple of years ago for CS4, and guess what? It still works just fine.”
That’s exactly why cloud services are being pushed by big publishers. They don’t want you to use their products for a couple of years without upgrading. They want you to upgrade every year. Most people realized they don’t need the yearly upgrades, and stuck with what works. That annoyed Adobe because obviously people like you were getting too good of a deal (sarcasm).

Unfortunately, cloud is the future of computing as envisioned by corporate america. Not to mention totalitarian governments who just love having access to all your content on the cloud. "


Dear Adobe,


It’s rough for me if I want to ever update my version after CS6 without a set income and just starting out in the field still. I am really glad that my school furnished a full CS6 master collection instead of just a student license, without that I would be really screwed looking at how now it can be expected to plan a yearly 1k check to adobe for the sofware just to make the content for making a living. I suppose that could be considered a buisness expense though and tax deductible. I may just cut back in the software I use and stick to AE, PR and PS though that would still be around $720 a year.


Ok, it is time to say good bye to Adobe products, i have upgraded my software 3 times (i have left some updates out because i wan’t to save money a little bit). But if adobe really kills the normal Creative Suite download collection i have no reason to live. I am not going to use cloud services because my internet do not work every day… I have to use softwares every day, even in those days when i have no internet connection because the work have to be get done. I hate cloud services, and i know that it isn’t future in area where you can’t trust for your internet connection 24/7. And everybody even do not have internet connection, for example i have no internet connection in cottage. It looks like i have to kll my self if the cloud services will be the only option in future, fck the world.


jumamu, it doesn’t sound like you’ll need to be constantly connected via the Internet, I think from one of the comments that you’d have to authenticate once per month / periodically via the web. Not saying this sucks any less, just no reason to jump off a bridge just yet.


lol! i lyk diz.


The only difference between the education and full versions of CS6 Master Collection is the price and one is marked “Education.” Everything else is there including the ability to use it commercially without breaching the terms of service.

Personally, I won’t be moving to Creative Cloud unless I really need a new feature in one of the programs I use regularly. Before I finished school, I bought CS6 Master with my EDU discount so I am set.


I don’t also like from the idea that i do not own the software… it’s just like waste your money for slot machine. I wan’t own things, i don’t want products own me. I am already very depressed from my life, but this is the last one, i am really thinking killing my self… Fuc*ing adobe.


“Sure we could innovate, but that’s really hard. Can’t we just do next to nothing, and make people pay us for it?”

Adobe as a corporation has officially become a college slacker.


If this is a serious comment, I strongly urge you to talk to someone about your state of mind. A friend, a family member, even some free hotline if you have to. Get help in any manner you can. No software issue is worth considering this for.


Make me smile a little bit, but i guess that isn’t going to change the way how adobe will service their loyal customers. I know that if somebody want to use pirated software, it can’t be stopped - somebody always finds a way to make it work without internet connection. Maybe i have to start use pirated softwares? O_o


I highly agree, even though this business decision is a bit rough it doesn’t mean it can hold an artist back. We all still “own” up until CS6 which is already an immensely powerful set of tools, the same has been for max or maya where every update the added changes are scarcely worth the cost. Now Adobe has made this even more so for me, where I am very capable of accomplishing anything and everything on the current set of tools. With this new commitment to toss them money monthly to get the new tools, they raise the bar for the development and improvents they MUST add to the package to survive. I figure most artists feel the same way as we have no reason to buy into an update or subscription if we can already do our tasks on the current toolset we use.

If I am going to bother subscribing, at least as of right now with my current income and lifestyle they would need insanely awesome updates for me to even consider. I know they are implementing 3d to AE which is nice though for me I don’t have a need for that, it feels more an avenue to let 2d artist branch into 3d lightly.


I have been in mental hospital before, but i didn’t like it. I got 10kg more weight at there and now i am eating drugs everyday but they do not work. The life was OK - until now. I f*ckin hate the way adobe treats their customers. Maybe it is time to go sleep and thing everything again in the morning, maybe it will clear my mind. I have one way to go: i can always stop my freelance work and start to get money from my country, that’s the easiest way, because i don’t wan’t softwares own me, i wan’t own things what i own.


DRM and piracy certainly has to be a factor in the decision to push the cloud, our whole social ecosystem worldwide is shifting against it with actions like the various acts against piracy CIPA, PIPA, CISPA and what not. At least they can never rule or regulate a pencil and sketchbook.



How is this going to work with plugins? Does your get upgraded one day and your plugin no longer works? What a nice surprise to get on the last day of a project.

What happens when I want to load a 2 year old project with an old legacy plugin that no longer works in the current version?

How do I save a file to be opened in CS5 from CC?

Right now an upgrade of Production Premium costs me $360/year. Under the new pricing scheme it will cost either $600 or $840 a year. And I can only assume that will be for even less new feature than the practically nothing we get these days.

I just don’t understand how any of this is going to work…