Adobe Aquires Allegorithmic




Just seen. Absolutely gutted. That’s another app that I won’t be subscribing to. I guess I’ll be stuck on SP 2018.x for ever more, then. Curse Adobe.

And curse Allegorithmic for selling out, come to that.


I knew about this a few weeks back, as they were intending upon using one of my ceramic designs from Project Aero for the announcement.
Not sure why, but they changed the artwork last minute.

Personally, I’m not thrilled about the acquisition. Allegorithmic were doing quite well by themselves.


I guess I should upgrade to the latest permanent licence just in case…

I understand the appeal for Adobe, but I’m so bummed a great start up (headquartered in my birth town) offering innovative products at great value and still growing is being gobbled up by yet another industry giant.


I read the CEO’s Interview. Seems like Adobe has strong ambitions in 3D as they set up a whole new department…And guess what company they might be looking at next? :frowning:


I have no opinion other than already having paid my annual subscription to substance and wondering if this will increase the CC pricing. Sounds like the original team will continue to work on it?

The symmetry between Foundry and Adobe is interesting.
Foundry has Nuke Mari and Modo. Now Adobe has AE and Substance. (will they be looking to acquire a 3d app next?)


If Maxon sells out, I think I’ll just give up CG and do something else less expensive.


I already get the full CC suite, I wouldn’t mind getting Substance painter or designer with it.

But wow, big news. Huge. Not what I expected to read today.


actually for me as an adobe cc subscriber this is great news, i also have a substance subscription, so i’m pretty sure i will save some money soon. you can say what you want about abobe and their subscription model, but if you have use for only a quarter of the apps in the package it’s already a great deal. i mainly use photoshop, illustrator, indesign, after effects, premiere, media encoder, audition and acrobat, occasionally some of the others. all that for 600€ a year. hard to beat if you ask me.


You’re in the minority; the users over at Allegorithmic’s forum are furious. Anyway, it struck me that this opens up a huge opportunity for Bodypaint – if Maxon decided to take advantage of it…


Maxon is to Bodypaint as Apple is to Mac Pro. :slight_smile:

There are a lot of things shaking up my workflow lately - and though this has no affect yet, I have no doubt it will change things significantly. I thought the same thing about Adobe now needing to acquire a 3D app.

I’m honestly pretty gutted about it. It’s not about money for me. (don’t get me wrong, I could do with better pricing!) I fear that innovation will be lost and this may be the first nail in the coffin for Substance.

I guess only time will tell. I’ve been on Substance subscription for almost 2 years now, and have been debating on stopping the sub and buying a perpetual license. Now I really don’t know what to do. We don’t know what the future holds, and I’ve been subbing anyway, so I’ll just keep subbing probably until we know what’s up.


That hurts… both ways.


Never understand why people don’t like subscription. Always have the latest software and it’s 100% tax deductible each month.


They have made a big point that Allegorithmic is “An Adobe company” which means it will carry on as normal - they own for example and that just runs independently.

They will be keeping the name and the Substance separate from CC. It won’t appear as CC app I am sure.

BUT - I am sure that they will add tech from Substance to Adobe Apps. And I am sure they will be bringing out a 3D app at some point.

As for Maxon Selling out - They are owned by a Huge German company and it’s extremely unlikely they would sell Maxon as their technology crosses all their brands - they own Vectorworks for example. Also the company is doing extremely well!


First, in the long run, subscriptions cost you way more (Check out the price

And they can have a glacial development (Photoshop? Max?), and you still have to pay for the same thing every year.

And the day the company folds you can’t use your software anymore.

And the day you stop your subscription you lose access to all your archives and files.

And once you have enough archives in that specific proprietary format you can never leave.

Once hooked, they can hike up the price and you’re prisonner of the ecosystem.

Subscription is great as an option for short term needs. It’s never a solution for the long term, especially not if they are vital tools for your everyday business.

And perpetual licences are also 100% deductible through amortization, and that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost you cash, only that you won’t pay benefit taxes on it.

Allegorithmic, same as Maxon, had both options, which was great. Adobe and Autodesk have only one version, which is bad.


It will be part of CC, they said it already. Not right now, but it will.


“And the day you stop your subscription you lose access to all your archives and files…”
Not necessarily. I can open .ai files in Affinity Designer and .psd files in Affinity Photo. Now if Affinity Publisher opens .indd files I’ll be a happy camper!


Ok well we are talking about adobe… so don’t see that folding anytime soon.

Propietory formats while not always good thing mean that everyone has the right version on cc not like the bad old days… PS5.5 won’t open on 4 etc - I suppose that depends if you pass files around.

Glacial development I disagree with. Twice Yearly or more updates now compared to 18montjs to 2 years before.

Basically the adobe suite for a year costs me nothing as I am charging as a percentage cost to my clients which everyone should do. Same with c4d and any other software I use I do understand it’s pricey if it’s jusy for personal work.

Overall it costs very little on a monthly basis. A Uber driver would being paying 20x the cost for his car/tool of choice.

And you don’t have to spring for it in one go of course.

But again the main reason is everyone has no excuse for using old Versions and complaining when they can’t open newer files.


Ok I read it that they are bringing tools to CC not the whole apps… but will be happy if they give me the full apps!


Well that’s the crux of the matter. Adobe could easily bump the cost of their suite another $15/month or whatever and say it’s justified because of “recent value added from acquisitions”… but if the cost says the same or nearly the same and both Designer and Painter continue to be developed fully (tend to doubt it), then existing customers who don’t have these apps certainly have a reason to smile. Perpetual license holders who don’t subscribe to CC on the other hand have plenty of reason to be pissed or at least very concerned. Right now all questions about licensing are being dodged until “later this year,” which IMO is not a good sign.

Reading the comments over on their forum and reading the PR BS, I suspect the team at Substance has been given the same false assurances we have from Adobe. They probably do believe everything is going to be fine. I don’t think they’re trying to deceive people. But the line about all the dev teams staying intact, continue to design the same apps, etc. That will end up being true for about 12 months before everything starts to change IMHO.

Adobe is a full of crap when it comes to stuff like this / can’t really be taken at their word. They’re a digital “chop shop.”