Adjusting the distance between stroke instances



I’m trying to find a way to adjust the distance between the instances of my stroke when using an alpha texture.

I want the tablet pressure to give me the freedom to draw out different sizes of the alpha, but that results in the strokes sometimes ending up on top of eachother and sometimes too far away.
I was wondering if there is a way to make the distance dependant on the size of the stamped alpha. Everything under the “modifiers” tab in the stroke drop down is greyed out, and I really thought that modifiers would be my best bet…

Any help on this would be much appreciated!

Here’s a little image of what is happening. I want the distance between each dot to be the same, or at least in proportion to the size of the stroke.


You can adjust the spacing in “Lazy Mouse” settings.


Thank you for the reply!

Are you referring to the lazy step setting? It seems to only adjust the distance between them, but it doesn’t take into account the different sizes of the alpha stam that results from the variance in pen pressure. So even if I set the lazy step “just right”, it will only be just right for a certain applied pressure. Maybe I’m just missing something like a little tick box or something that enables the compensation in distance to take place…


Go to Preferences > Tablet > Turn off > Use tablet button.
This basically disables your pressure sensitivity.


Hey! Thanks for the reply!

I’m not asking how to disable the tablet. This is dependant on the fact that I do have a tablet with pressure sensitivity. I will take your reply to mean that I have to make myself more clear.

I want to be able to draw strokes with stamps of different sizes dependant on the pressure applied to my tablet. This I can do, so thus far everything is just fine. Now, what I can’t do is make it so that the spacing between the stamped alphas change size depending on the size of the stampad alphas themselves. This means that smaller stamps must be closer to the bigger ones even with me not going in and changing the lazy step for each new stamped alpha.

If this represents what happens:

OOO o o o

This is what I want to happen:



Then you need >Stroke>Modifiers>turn on Roll button and set roll distance to 1.


Hey, again!

I’m not sure how that would help me. The roll option only lets you let the alpha roll… it doesn’t seem to affect the distance between the differently spaced alpha stamps.


"This is what I want to happen:

OOOooo" -

My screenshot shows that is what you get:

Uploaded with

Perhaps you should experiment with the new trimesh curve mode to control exactly what you want the chains to do. JUst instead of having the end meshes be different, make them the same mesh but different polygroups, so you can create endless chains.

Tutorial here (check out the related videos, too):

Think outside the box and you should be able to lay down all kinds of rivets, zips, etc, as the insert mesh curve mode has a snap to surface function and mesh distance control between meshes, etc.


Thank you once more!

I do get what you get, but only if I draw in a straight line and only if I have lazystep set to 1.

I guess I could insert new meshes, but I just figured that ZBrush would have a simpler way to manage the feature that I’m after.

Do you happen to know why all the modifiers settings for the stroke is non-available?



They come on depending on the brush and brush stroke selected. E.g., select spray stroke and many options become available.

Sometimes we just have to accept that there is no simpler way, not yet anyway. :slight_smile:

In case you are not aware, pressing Ctrl and hovering over buttons can give you much info about what it does.


It just feels to me like it should be such an easy and useful feature that it would be weird if ZBrush doesn’t have it already. I do know about the ctrl feature, and it does help but only once you’ve found the button that you’re looking for. I find it hard to search in the ZBrush help since almost everything is named in rather weird ways, and almost nothing is called what you expect it to be called. That’s why I figured that I must have just missed something really obvious.

Maybe it’s like you say though, and that feature just isn’t implemented yet. Thank you!


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