adjusting rotation in fcurve window


Well my problem lies with the rotation of and object in fcurves window.
Why does this happen. I animated an object, head turning to be exact, and later i wanna go back and make him not turn his head so much. so i open fcurve and select the keyframe and lower or rasie it depending on what i wanna do. But on my viewer it shows the rotation tool( the rgb circles) and rotates the rotation tool instead of my object. its like its rotating the pivot instead of the object. And what value is that in anyhow, local or global rotation? Well hope you guys can help me out. thanks


all rotations in Messiah (and lightwave, and other programs) are related to the parent.

if you move them in the 3d view locally, they will be converted to parent values. its a bit hard to explain, but the answer lies in how you can visualize the coordinate system.

for example, if the object you are rotating is not in any heirarchy(world coordinates) then X is always left and right, Y is up and down, and z is to and fro.

the same goes with rotations, but the rotation order is always heading, pitch, then bank(based off of it’s parent, of course)

a little practice, and it should make sense.

moving the FCurves in the graph is the same as left-mouse moving the edit sphere.

so if you need to move the wrist up, and it looks like the y-axis is facing left instead of up, then you’d still left click on the Y axis to move it up and down, becaus it’s parent(the world) is always y-up, X-left, and z-forward.

this is how it will be displayed on the graph.

hope this makes some kind of sense…



you know what it was? you need to select the fk when adjusting rotation value in fcurves window. for somereason you cant adjust ik value in fcurves.


hey CRWOGO…i have the same problem as you did…but i also dont understand your soulution…as i have only just started to use MB, where exactly is the forwardK…is it under the effector pinning??


check out this link its posted by someone from kaydara about this problem.


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