adjusting keyframes by a factor of 2?


I’m converting a comp from 24fps to 48fps. I have a ton of nodes with animation on them, and what I need to happen is basically double the frames that they happen on. I don’t want to double the animated values, just the keyframes that those values are keyed on. I’m looking for an expression or something I can apply to the nodes, something automatic so I won’t have to do this by hand.

any ideas?


here is an idea that isnt fully automatic:

select the nodes you wish to change, go into the curve editor or the dopesheet, select all keyframes, rmb->edit->move-> and enter in the x field:



pingking, worked like a charm, thanks! Not fully auto, but definitely saves some time.


I was doing this as well, and found that with several hundred nodes, loading them and scaling the time wasn’t working well since you have to do all the rotos separately in the dope sheet (as far as I can tell).
It’s so easy in Maya, just change framerate and all the keys are adjusted to match. It’s hard to believe there’s no equivalent in Nuke.


Yeah, I had a 3100 node script that I just plowed through. You have to do each one manually, but it does save the expression x*2 in there, so it goes pretty quick, just tedious.

Same thing in Max, adjust the framerate and everything scales automatically. Wish it was that easy in Nuke.


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