Adjusting dark shades only?


im have rendered a light map from 3d max, i just want to adjust the dark shades too match the medium shades more, how would i go about doing this in the best way?


try levels or highlight/shadow tool :slight_smile:


ive tryed levels, not really shure how to use it but i tryed… what the hilight tool? dodge and burn?


There is many ways to do that. Curves, levels… Post image so we can see where is the problem.

personally, i find curves more accurate than levels. Maybe it would be good idea to make selection fist, feather it and then adjust…


Curves are indeed more accurate than Levels, but in this case Levels is all you need.

Open the Levels filter and drag the Black “Output” slider to the right. That will lighten the blacks into the dark grey zone.


i tryed levels again, it lightened the whole thing…
i might just end up painting over the darker areas?


quick levels tutorial…

the top graph (histogram)…this an expression of your colour range from light to dark.

on the uppermost slider:

  1. your black point…move it in to darken your black point and therefore darken everything to your mid point (gamma) proportionally.

  2. your mid point (gamma)…shift left or right to lighten or darken the image without adjusting the dark and light points…this is your bias

  3. your white point…the same as black…move in the make the white point stronger (ie blow your highlights)

the lower slider.

  1. your black point…move this in to lighten your black point

  2. your white point…move this in to darken your white point

auto will change your image so that the colour range so that it spreads from black to white and balances your gamma in every channel (important to know)…this is like an auto contrast and colour tool…not often useful unless your dealing with photography and know what bias its supposed to be.

to get contrast increased…move the uppermost sliders in…usually till they just touch the start of the sloping graph.

to lighten/darken…move the middle slider on the top slider

to reduce contrast…move the lowermost sliders in

levels defaults to working in all channels at once, you can adjust each one by one.

have fun :slight_smile:


You have to play around a bit to get things to change the way you want them to.

Here are the settings i used to get your blacks to lighten, WITHOUT your mids/highs being changed as well. It’s a matter of balance – balance in the slider settings. Checkout the INFO palette when you’re doing stuff like this. You need to try and match up the two sets of circled numbers (original & altered) as best you can. You won’t get a 100% match but as seen here, you can get damn close.

Practice makes perfect. So experiment your butt off for awhile and learn what to look for. You’ll get it eventually. :slight_smile:

NOTE: pay no attention to the Jpg compression in your scaled down image. It’s slightly altered the colours.


ah okay thanks i was adjusting the black, not the white side of the scale also…


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