Adjusting a Primitive's properties


So the Tools shelf (T) and the Properties shelf (N) don’t provide a section for adjusting a new primitive’s starting characteristics, by that I mean if you created a cylinder, a place where you could adjust the amount of vertices, radius, height, etc. Even for a basic cube, I don’t see an area to add more vertices (without having to add edge loops yourself).

I learned that F6 will do something like what I’m looking for however it’s very strange… Right after you create a new primitive, you can access those object properties with F6. However, if you do an action like delete (X), F6 no longer will bring up the object properties when you select different objects, but instead it will only pop up an option for delete.

So… this made me think F6 is context based on what mode you are in or what you did last.

So questions:

  1. What exactly is F6’s function and what it can do in different modes/context?
  2. How can I consistently access a primitive’s properties to quickly edit them without F6 (if there is such a way)? Or can I only hope to edit things right after creation?
  3. Is there a way a cube could be created with more vertices? Even the F6 window doesn’t show that option.

Thanks for your guys help in advance. New to blender and excited to learn beyond these basic things.


When adding a primitive, F6 will let you change its properties immediately after creation. But once you do another task, such as moving the object, entering edit mode, or basically anything, you can no longer edit its properties. You’d have to add a new object again. That’s just one of the little quirks of Blender.

You can subdivide a cube, if that’s what you mean. In edit mode, select all vertices (press A) and hit W > subdivide, or press the subdivide button in the toolbar. Then you can adjust how many subdivisions you want.


hey thanks a lot for the reply, I appreciate it!


No problem! Glad I could help.


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