adharca, Yihyoung Li (2D)


Title: adharca

Name: Yihyoung Li

Character design for Happy Monster Press.

Client brief:
The Adharca, sometimes known as beastmen, come in many sizes and colors, but all have one thing in common – the Horns of Turlough, three protrusions from their foreheads indicating their membership in this strange race. Adharca generally keep to themselves and are rarely seen in Isetian or Rahelian communities. They range in height from 4’6” to over 7’ tall. Adharca have a typical lifespan of 140 years. (For this race, I’d like a mostly-human-looking variant on Adharca, but with the horns and perhaps a lot of hair or fur.)
The Adharcan I’d like is a warrior prince, tall, and fairly attractive in an exotic way. He is covered with short reddish-brown fur, and wears plate-and-chain armor that is simple but well-maintained. He carries a two-handed battleaxe and wears a simple gold circlet over long, jet black hair in a single braid.