Adding the tongue to the head of the model


I’ve been wondering…about how and if i should add the tongue to the model now or later on…based on some tutorials i had read. So i was wondering if someone could help me on this.

I’ve only started learning how to model for about 4 months now, and i would like to start animating my character. The mesh is complete, except for the tongue…should i attach the tongue to the inner mouth or leave it seperate. I rememeber reading in one tutorial that the animator prefered the tongue to be seperate…due to creating facial expressions would be much easier and later the tongue could be linked to the mouth in 3D Max.

Is this the Norm or does it depend on the animator and the model… wondering if anyone could help…has anyone created a model with the tongue already attached…and if so…did having the tongue attached make morphing the facial expression much more complex…

please if anyone could help…


I’m really stuck on this…is there a link to something i can reference too…like an animation pipeline


I like to start with the tongue myself :slight_smile:


I dont know much about animating the tounge but know i read a tutorial by Peter Ratner on this site

Go have a look. Should look into Tutorial 2 Completing The Human Figure or directly hit this link

Hope it will help you somewhat.

Happy Animating.


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