Adding detail to a Scene, General Tips and Techniques.


Hey everyone,

I’m Working on the below scene and I’ve got to that point where I want to take that next step into realism. The shot will begin with a green screen shot of an actor and zoom out to reveal this scene. Ignore the crowd for the moment they are being worked on separately. I’m looking for general tips and techniques that I’ve not thought of yet or found. Things like “bevel everything/no sharp edges” , “more textures”, “more randomization” etc. I’ve got smoke effects and some other atmospherics going in the shot that are just Photoshopped on for the moment but these will add to the scene.

Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom for me?

Current Processed Image:

Raw Render



Why did this get moved to the Compositing and Editing Forum???

This is a question about general / all 3d techniques needed to get a fully CGI scene to a point of realism. Compositing isn’t going to improve my textures or help with detailing around building edges.