Adding condensation of exhaled breath to actors ?


I’ve got a bunch of shots that require some typical exhaled breath to be comped, the footage is handheld and the actors are turning facing the camera, turning away.
I think we’ve got elements or some software solution further ahead but what would your first step be ?
Single point tracking ? (if so what do you do when people turn and you don’t have facial features to lock onto)


Depends I guess on how the breath is going to be done. As a filmed element - in which case the compositor should be able to do a 2d track or manually keyframe it. If it’s going to be a CG element then your probably going to need to do some match-animation of some sort for the head (even if it’s a rough one).

You often don’t get features to lock onto when doing match-animation (matchmove-animation, roto-mation, it goes by many names) and have to use a character rig and manually pose it using keyframe animation techniques. The Art and Technique of Matchmoving covers it quite well.


Howdy, apologies for the lack of response !
It was sorted in the end (I think - over in comp now), I just did a few guestimated 2d tracks when heads were turning, so I was just panicking about nothing in the end.


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