Adding Color To A Downloaded Model?


I am new to C4D and BodyPaint. I purchased a 3D rigged model of a Woodpecker from TurboSquid. The image on their web page showed a colored bird. The name of the model had the name “black” in it. After downloading the bird and importing it into C4D the bird and bird material all appeared black with no color.I contacted TutrboSquid, informed them of the fact that the picture on their web page showed a colored bird and the bird was in fact all black. They said they would refer it to one of their service people.Next, I received a package of files from TurboSquid to download. One was a C4D file with the Woodpecker in it all black. There was also a separate PNG file showing the colored image of the bird as on the web site. Then there was a separate folder entitled “tex” that contained a JPG file with different, separate colored body parts of the Woodpecker. The response email also said that somehow the Woodpecker included in this C4D file was now not rigged. The response did not advise me what to do with the files to create a colored bird. My sense was that their service person did not specialize in C4D.I’m attempting to figure out whether or not I have the pieces necessary to create a rigged, colored Woodpecker or not. If the original black model was indeed rigged, I still have that. Plus, I have an apparently unrigged black model. And I have the separate colored PNG and JPG files.Please advise if it appears I have what I need to create a colored, rigged Woodpecker or not. If so, would a Cineversity or other tutorial be a good place to look for the steps necessary to do the BodyPaint/creation? Any suggestions or tutorial references would be most appreciated.Thanks!


First, the enter key is your friend.

Secondly, what file format did you download? Most likely you will have downloaded an fbx file. If so, load this into c4d. If there are no textures, go to the window menu and open the texture manager, it is possible it is simply looking in the wrong place for the texture files. Select anything with a red cross then select relink from the file menu, now select the file with the same name.

Worst case, make a new material, add the textured parts image to the color channel and apply it to the bird.

If this doesn’t help, send what you’ve got over to mash at and Ill have a look for you.


I tried again with the FBX file. This time I made sure to check the settings under the “Additional” settings section in the Import Settings. I also made sure to have the PNG and JPG files in the same folder. Now I have color.The only problem is that, as the service person mentioned above in a note, the rigging is gone. Very strange. Is there any reason the rigging should go like that?


When you buy a 3d file, especially something with character animation and rigs, those rigs will only really work in the application it was originally made with. FBX files allow you to move animation from one app to another but the controls rigs will vanish. I see 3 rigged woodpeckers on turbosquid, but they are all maya files, none of those rigs will work in any other 3d software.


Thank you so much for your very helpful information regarding the limitations of purchasing a 3d file made on another application. So, the trick seems to be attempting to locate the 3D file you want that was created on the application you are working on - in my case, that would be C4D.

Are there vendors or locations that would more likely carry 3d files that were made on C4D? Are there such vendors or locations available?

I’m not a 3d artist and will therefore periodically need 3d files to include in projects. Please let me know if there are vendors or locations that tend to more support C4D.



Now, I know why the model I downloaded is not rigged. It’s colored now, but not rigged. So, now the question is how to rig it? All I’m trying to rig are the legs so that the woodpecker can hang on a tree and move and down to do the pecking.

I’ve never done any rigging before, but I watched some tutorials. Using the Joint Tool I created some “bones” on the legs of the woodpecker. But, when I attempt to test the rigging and move the woodpecker up and down, the bones move, but the woodpecker does not. It appears that the bones are not “attached” to the woodpecker.

Any suggestions what may be amiss and what I need to do to attach the bones to the legs of the woodpecker?



I needed a refresher on binding a model to a joint chain. This short video should get you up and running:


Thanks so much for the tip and link!