Adding camera shake to only certain frames?


Okay maybe I’m stupid but when I add a noise controller to my camera it effects it for the entire timeline and in the options I’m not seeing anything for start frame and stop frame.

How do I get camera shake to affect only a certain range (ie frames 80-90)? Btw I am using Max6.


Use a list controller and then add a noise controller.
The list controller is for being able to mix/use multiple controllers at once.

Just press f1 and search for list controller

Hope it helps :wink:



Camera-shake, lens flares and so-forth are sometimes best added as a post-production step. If all you want is for the entire image to shake, it’s considerably easier to do that later than to do it during the first render. Otherwise the director says, “I’d like it to shake a little less… can you do that? By tomorrow morning?” :banghead:

Oh, you might say, “but that wouldn’t be the same! Things in the foreground should move differently!” And yes, you’re right. And yes, it might matter. But Star Wars I actually shipped to theatres with a stadium full of colored Q-tips. No one noticed (that one-second shot…) until it was pointed out in a book. (It’s since been fixed.) There is definitely a “point of perfection” beyond which you enter the realm of diminishing returns. The simplest way to reach “good 'nuff,” while retaining flexibility, is what you want.


Hey thanks guys for your input, I got something workable figured out.

I love this forum because people are always so quick with their replies!


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