adding asymmetry to a human head - at what time?



I just have finished reading jason osipa´s brilliant book “stop staring” - recommended!

I have one question regarding the workflow:

when following the workflow provided in the book, at which point would you recommend adding asymmetry to a character? I don´t mean asymmetric detail which will be taken care of by the displacement maps but the asymmetry of the basic face (skull) form.

regards m


I’d do it after I finished the Head (finished as in a complete symmetrical finished head…).

(The following is using Max…)
Model one half of the Head, apply Symmetry Modifier and add a edit Poly Modifier on top of the Symmetry. Then tweak the head using Soft Selection until your satisfied with the asymmetry.


This might give me a hard time when it comes to blendshapes (the head is getting animated later, HD, close ups)

I hope that there might be an established workflow how to add asymmetry after creating blendshapes without disturbing the blendshapes

at the moment I plan to create a blendshape for the (skull-)asymmetry that I will turn to 1 when it comes to animation;
So I can create the blendshapes using the symmetric head - and if I want to test if they also work with the asymmetric head, I just turn the asymmetric blendshape up to 1 and check if the blendshapes still work.

hope I am right with this approach


You could use additive blendshapes. So for example: just stack an asymmetrically tweaked version of smirk/frown/whatever on top.


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