Add cloth simulation to a connect


Hey, i have made a filmstrip with frames that have shinethrough stills from movies and the text “movie time” inbetween.
The thing is, I have an issue where i want to give the filmstrip some waving animation. A bit like a banner behind a plane.
I managed to connect it and make a polygon out of it. But the issue is that i have no way of keeping it together. It falls apart when I start the animation. You can see it in the render i made.
I’ve tried using a group and connect but the cloth texture won’t applie to that.
Im gonna include 2 video’s.
the 1st video is the render that shows it shine through and the way my idea is. all accept for the banner animation.
The 2nd video is it falling apart after adding a bit of wind, took away gravity. And didnt secure it to a stationairy object yet.

Im so sorry if this isnt in the right thread but im realy stuck right now. Im new to C4D so don’t explain too dificult please.

Thanks for responding.