Add CheckBox item to custom marking menu?


I want to add a checkbox style item to a marking menu.
It would execute different commands based on whether it is being checked or unchecked.
I can setup and edit marking menus, so all l need is and example of how to implement a checkbox.
Thanks much.


Here’s the code to add a checkbox type MM item to toggle backface culling on a selected object. You don’t need to inlcude all the params who’s values are zero:

 int $bfcEnabled = `displayCull -q -bfc`; //Test to see if bfc is on
 		-label "BackfaceCull"
 		-divider 0
 		-subMenu 0
 		-command "if ($bfcEnabled){
displayCull -bfc false;
} else {
displayCull -bfc true;
 		-altModifier 0
 		-optionModifier 0
 		-commandModifier 0
 		-ctrlModifier 0
 		-shiftModifier 0
 		-checkBox $bfcEnabled
 		-optionBox 0
 		-enable 1
 		-data 0
 		-radialPosition "E"
 		-enableCommandRepeat 1
 		-image "commandButton.xpm"
 		-echoCommand 0
 		-italicized 0
 		-boldFont 0


Thanks, very useful…:thumbsup:


Are you talking to yourself…again? You know that goes down on your permanent record.


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