Adam on Eden


here is my last pic… to enjoy you all… some really gay stuff.
comments, laughs on how much gay is the guy, and critics are welcome.:bounce:



did you use photoshop to paint that?

i won’t comment on gayness of the pic. :rolleyes:
but i will say, maybe you can soften the edges on the background tree.



bumskee, i used photoshop and painter, but the hard work was done on painter, i only used photoshop for some tricks…

and first the edges were blurrier, but i thought they didn’t not work quite well, at least i didn’t like the way they were, so i painted a hard edge for them… but i realize it could be better…

thanks :wavey:


deleted text because i can’t delete the post


That looks more like a forest of evil than a celestial garden…

It is still nice tho.


Nice detail in the foreground.
The background is just a little too hard and flat.
A little more atmosphere in the far background would really help.

Looking good though.


there’s something wrong with his leg


thank you all.

derlaine: what do you mean with pec? i didn’t understand that.

alevice: yes, maybe you’re right, next time i draw an eden pic will be brighter… and maybe some fruits could help…

rey: i wanted to make the background less detailed that the foreground, but i see it has come too flat…

knoxville: maybe the lighting makes you misunderstand the figure, but i did around 5 or 6 previous studies of the figure before draw it in the pic, the bad thing is that i had to make the guy in a morning, to reach a deadline of a competition… so i had no time to make the guy better. next time maybe i’ll have more time for that…



pec=pectoral. its a chest muscle.


Hehe… Looks nice to me, but perhaps it would’ve been better if it was Eva on Eden ? -.-’’
Anyway, the dense forest doesn’t remind me too much of the Garden of Eden.


thanks megra.

mr. rogne, who knows how was the garden of eden? :smiley:


Well it was supposed to be a Garden after all, so maybe to accomplish the garden feeling you should try to make a tad bit less trees. A lot of trees get the feeling of a forest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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