Adam (Male: full Body Model&Morphs)


[u][b]Last Updates:

      [/b][/u][color=White]New Clothing and Pose

WireFrame of the Cloth

Adding Clothing

 try to do some renderings
      Here is some updates on my old model.
        CC are very welcome.
        Also by request i would be glad to share the technics i am using to model texture wrap UVs or anything else. sharing knowledge is important ;)


any crits? comments>? any feedback please:)


nice stuff, I like it


Thank you!

i’ll put some step on doing this model as soon as i can.
if someone interested please let me know what you whould like to see first:
modeling process, texturing, rendering, UVunwarp?


[left]Good job! I’d like to see the methods you used to model and uv wrap it please.:thumbsup:


very nice work


Theres not much to say, seeing as this is a perfect model. I wish I could model that good, are there any tuts you would reccomend or anything like that?


Thanks to all for the comments!

to unwrap/unfold uvs i am using maya’s tools.

just selecting the Faces i want to unfold, doing one of projections, for body i used cylindrical projection. then i am giving a try the unfold tool with standard settings.
when doing unfold on FLIPPED UVs, the unfold tool will twist the uvs and make “circles”.
so need to be sure that uvs are facing the right direction.

Also, when unfolding UVs with few shells, like with the body, in the end make sure to use “ReScale” with zero values in SolverWeighting and Max interations. so all UVs will be scaled evenly, that will prevent/minimize the pixels streching where the shells meet on the mesh.
after that just layout uvs


Thanks! This helped me out so much! Unwrapping UVs has managed to elude me for quite a while now…:hmm:


getting into sss first tries


Giving some try on face render, those are first tries.

Help with SSS rendering and lighting is VERY WELCOME!
thanks in advnace!


Wow this model is looking spectacular! I have no crits!


nerdyninja: thanks for compliment!

Here is another render update


here is an attepmt to render a hiRes image. i think the textures are preaty good, consider that those are 1K textures, i have 4K version of texture, will try render with them next time.

now i want to take this stuff to ZBrush


Hi Dima,

I think you should refine more the eyelids, and try to increase the reflect edge weight to achieve the peach fuzz effect, and i’m sure it will look more realistic.

But it looks great! and I love how smooth the deformations work!

Keep with the great work!


Good model, I like the body, less the head.


Adding clothing


wow the clothes look great! You have wonderful modeling skills! Love it! Great hair too! :slight_smile:


overal model seems very very realistic. especialy the shirt, great job. only the shoes need some more work to reach the same level of realism as the shirt or the rest of the body =).


now all he needs is a nice pose and facial expression then he’ll be trully perfect