Adam Katz - Animation Challenge 10 - Dialog 3


Well, I’ve never done a challenge before, but it’s Army of Darkness, and how can you pass that up. Here’s my first pass at animation. All critique is welcome.

Go to:

and choose


The sync looks a bit off to me,.like the audio is ahead of the animation. The figure on the right is supposed to be a robot of some kind, doing a demonstration for the speaker to the left, right? If so, I’d just make sure the beats of the robot do not confuse us as to who is supposed to be talking. Otherwise looking foward to seeing more!

-My 2 cents,.


Oh wait a sec,…I was informed by a friend that I had totally missed the joke. The dude on the left is doing sign language, and the robot thing is talking. sorry.

,…moving along,…



That’s cool. I’m glad I put the title sequence in there. I’m curious if there’s anyone out there who knows sign lanugage who has watched it, if they can understand the signing.


Well, I’ve got a little update. Basic texture on the wood guy, and some facial animations. Let me know any critiques.




Here’s yet another update on the Ash character. Any critiques are welcome.



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